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Photobucket Leflirtini Advertorial

This hugeee parcel was in my mailbox! (:

And! It made me real happy! HEHE!

That's right; its leflirtini!
And i wore one of the many pieces they gave me today! (:


The goodness of this piece is its versatility! That it can be worn either as a tube or a skirt!

Fish Spa! (:

My virgin trip to the fish spa! Yes yes, i know! It's like passe already. But no one brought me there ):

On the drive there, my partner asked; you scared anot!
And i replied! Of course not! But when i was greeted by these fish! I was scared!

They look GROSS and Slimy. And they are not small!
AHH! Love my skirt! HEHE! (:

Thanks Leflirtini! (:

Argh! I wish i can share ALL the pieces that they have sent me! Meantime, here are some of the clothes which are from their latest collection;

Basics never go out of fashion; just like the white spag i paired with the Vintage skirt (:

Such basics are a must have in the wardrobe! It goes well with jeans, skirts, shorts!


I wanted the pink badly! But settled with the navy which looks as good!



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