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Ettusais Pre-makeup base!

Something new from Ettusais for you again! (: This time its Medicated Acne Whitening UV

I'm so sure you will be thinking "HUH! What is that?"

"UV? Whitening? Medicated Acne? "

Yes! You're partially right! Cause in this Ettusais pre-makeup base tube/bottle, is sunscreen plus pre makeup base in one! And many many more other perks!

Ettusais is a skin care brand that has makeup products too. That's why their makeup products CONTAIN ingredients that will be GOOOOD for your skin! THUMBS UPPPP!!!! (:

Let me share a bit on why you shouldn't miss out a Pre-makeup base in your makeup routine! (:
Makeup wise, I'm sure we all know how Pre-makeup base can brighten up your face and keep your makeup intact for the whole day!

Skincare wise, it helps lighten scars, acts as a sunscreen and most importantly, it forms a protective veil over your skin. I'm so sure you don't want to see freckles on your baby skin!

*Laser treatment is freaking costly! Why not just start on the right makeup routine today? (:

There're 2 formulations for this product

Oil block - ideal for oily and combination skin
Dry block - ideal for those with dry, dehydrated skin

Mine is the Dry block one! (:

REVIEW: Love this one, its sunscreen + Pre makeup base! Not sticky at all, perfect for acne prone skin. Learning that it can treat acne , prevent acne , and lighten acne scars, i use it EVERYDAY, even when I don’t use makeup! Foundation glides on my skin easily after that - cause this formula makes my skin smooth!

That's the Medicated Acne Whitening UV for you! (:

Hope it works!

This April's special;
We're giving out a princessy mirror! (: Here’s how to get it:

PLEASE log into our Ettusais webbie to learn more about other products which you might not realise you need! Or go to our counters, and the Beauty Consultants will be most happy to be of assistance! (:

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Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting for me to read that article. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

i think ur blog is really good. however if u culd add archives in them it will be really wonderful cause some of the Ettusais products i wish to get right, are in ur past entries. however i dun have the names of the products.

therefore i wuld appreciate if u culd have archives in ur blog, so i can refer to them.

Anonymous said...

hi, could you let me know the skincare regime that you use for ettusais.. such as the cleanser, toner, etc.. i cannot seem to find it on your blog anymore.. it would be great if you could have a section on the ettusais products that you are using.. thanks.

but kindly drop me an email on the products you are using.. i have acne problems and my skin is oily/combination..

thanks in advance..


Hey! sry that i dont put up past posts! However, ive put on labels! so if you're interested to read on a certain topic, for e.g. Ettusais. Click on the label at the end of the post, and you will be able to see all past posts! (:

Anonymous said...

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