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Tag Replies (:

wen: zoe ure pretty! =p
Thanks dearie (:

passerby: is the Medicated Acne Gentle Make Off oily???
It's a makeup remover, so it definitely will be oily! But for the Medicated Acne Gentle Make Off, u just gotta rinse off. Don't need to use another cleanser! (: It will dissolve unlike other cleansers! Hope this answers your question!

Emi: Cant wait for my VS bag! *xoxo
HEHE!! Yeah!!!! (: I ordered for myself too!

zoetoh: hey received the cash anot heheh
Got it darling!

VANESSA: DARLING. prince william is balding. maybe u shud haf picked like prince harry or stg. HAHAHA
WAHAHA! It's in the family genes! So he will bald in no time!

Jem: Regarding Prince William...have you seen his latest picture?? Google it and you will find a shock!
HAHA! Yes i did, since i googled Prince William! But i loveeee that picture of him! It was a picture which i fell in love with when i was younger! (:

Jocelyn: Babe! =) Elaganz shots are nice! ^^
Thanks girl!

kate: hey zoe! where did ya get your lenses and what design is that? looks natural and pretty!
Maxi Eyes from Blue eyes! (:

Backtrack to Chinese New Year Day 2 (:

Uncle's house GOODIES! (:

Loads of Abalone and Scallops!!! (:

Youngest cousin in the family! (:

My black and purple dress is from Brenda! (:

Photobucket Her Love Petals

Kimono dresses and sexy cocktail dresses. Belts and sweet, classy dresses!

My nails are breathing! (:

AHH! I want to catch the new movie: He's Just not that into you! Click on the trailer on the top left of the page! (:

There are stars like Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore! (:

Still selling! VS bags! (:
Just a few left.

Soulmate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality,spirituality, and compatibility.

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