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Visit to Chinatown

Dad had dinner yesterday, so headed to Raffles Place to meet Mom after her work.
My sister and I aint staying with our parents now. No, I'm not facing family problems! HAHA! Reason is. My new house is not ready, so I'm staying over at Aunt's which is a few bus stops away from school. Whereas, my parents are living with my paternal grandparents place at Toa Payoh.

My Mom is not used to it; even though it has been a couple of months. She doesn't go home early even if Daddy has to meet clients till 11 plus 12. Yes, I repeat, Mommy is not used to it; even though it has been a couple of months. But, she doesn't nag at us to come back to stay cause she understands the convenience of our accessibility.

Okay, back to yesterday.
Feeling hungry, we headed to the nearby Lau Pat Sat for dinner. Been a long time since i stepped into this eatery.

We walked to the nearby Chinatown. We din't get anything, just a mother and daughter outing i guess. And yes, i visited Hannah and Elynn's booth! (:

Loads of lovely clothes lah!

The crowd was still bearable at 6-7pm.

I see this every year! Almost everywhere ah! Ntuc, Chinatown, markets...

There were a few artists at work! I always loved getting my portrait drawn! I remember the last i had was longgg time back on the streets of Canada.

Last picture i snapped from the bus stop before i left. There were a few photog using tripods and their DSLR taking shots of this temple as well.

It really looks beautiful with the lit up lightings.

What's Chinese New Year without having a walk around Chinatown?

Now that Singaporeans have modernized, the young no longer value chinese traditions, do you agree with it? (:

Zoe is the scrabble Ultimate Winner! HOHOHO! (:
And i was left with Z.O.E and i gamed this game with no tiles left!
I loveeeeeeee!

My new indulge just arrived! (:

Zoe is happpyyyyyyyyy!

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