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All you need to know about Ettusais! (:

Following my earlier update of Ettusais, where I did a brief description of what products Ettusais carry. Here's MORE!!!!

Ettusais is pronounced as "eh-tu-say". It means "You Know what" in French. This french expression is commonly used amongst girls when they get together. Remember the countless of times you will say "You know what! Last week I saw Miss Sheila, our Music teacher on a date with the P.E. teacher from our school!" HAHA! Just an example.

Launched in May 2001, Singapore, Ettusais is a beauty brand under Shiseido which takes care of female consumers skin ( Target group between 18-29) through their range of products, from skin care (of course) to base care and makeup.

Ettusais positioning of brand is clean, girly yet basic. This explains why Ettuasis packagings (Makeup cases, Skin Care tubes and bottles) sway towards simplicity!

Click to navigate to Ettusais makeup page (:

Ettusais' makeup products are specially formulated to cater to girlies with acne prone skin. This is a very important factor to most girls. At times of my menstrual periods or nights where I stay up late, my skin will start to surface a minor outbreak. I will always be hesitant to put on makeup, with fear of aggravating my skin condition but work doesn't permit me to turn up with a bare face! Needless to say, my outbreaks will always double up the moment I reach home. BOOHOO! ):

Ettusais got hold of the concern and formulated quality makeup for you and me! Ettusais makeup range is formulated with AC Control Oil. (Acne Control Oil)

Question 1: What can AC Control Oil do?
Produces heaps of moisturization to hydrate dry skin.

Question 2: Which Ettusais products can AC Control Oil be found in?
Ettusais cheek colors, foundations, eyebrows and lips as well as Ettusais Medicated Acne Gentle Wash and Medicated acne gentle make off.

Here are makeup products Ettusais carry!

These colors make me go wild, i tell you! HEHE!

Click to navigate to Ettusais accessories page (:

And guess what, thats not all! Ettusais's makeup department strives to be the best for their customers! The word is Frictionless.

Question 3: Huh! What does frictionless got to do with makeup?
Very much indeed! Can you recall that brand-less cheek brush that hurts your cheeks due to the roughness of the material used? Or that flakely hard eyeshadow that hurts the eyelids and DOES not blend in? Or that nice smelling that stings your luscious lips?

Question 4: Ettusais specialises in the textures of their products and applications too?
SPOT ON! Ettusais makeup is filled with the best ingredients so does the texture of their items and applicators. Best makeup should be used with best applicators, no?

What's the use of defeating the purpose of Ettusais's makeup range for those who wants clear, fresh skin? Let Zoe stress well enough. Ettusais's products are for girlies who desires for CLEAR and FRESH skin, its' not just catered for girlies who face with acne OR have acne prone skin! (:

Click to navigate to Ettusais skincare page (:

Ettusais' skincare range are classified into Daily Care and Special Care.

Daily care consists of the 5 items, which treat and prevent acne from recurring, of course if you're hardworking (use it every day LAH) !

Step 1: Deep cleansing oil that quickly remove impurities and melt makeup from skin, rinse off.
Step 2: Wash face with lather Medicated Soap and spread over face, rinse off.
Step 3: Prep medicated softener to protect skin from dryness and pimples.
Step 4: Moisturize.
Step 5: Protect skin with medicated powder, locking moisture in skin's keratin later.

A demonstration I did from the last post (:

ETTUSAIS, that's not all Ettusais is offering! There's moreeeeeee!

You've got larger than normal pores, and you DONT LIKE IT? You want to know which foundation is BEST for you. Which will not clog up your pores? Which concealer hides the blemishes best and lasts. You can find your answers on one page!

Click to navigate to Ettusais pore care page (:

Click to navigate to Ettusais base care page (:

That's all for today! (:
Please feel free to log onto Ettusais official website to learn more! (:

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