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Jojo was partner for Day 1!
She was sick and replaced for Day 2 and 3 =(

Our job scope was to guide the mascot and pass balloons to the mascot to pass to the kids!

Kids love Mr. Handy Duster!

Interested to know who's behind the mascot?

During our break... PSP.
Jojo and Jason feels i get so stressed up playing the mind game!

(in the locker room. i was bored!)

Day 2, Alvin got Kate to replace sick Jojo.

Day 3 was Gwen, Vanessa's friend! (:

Greeted by kids when i went home. Cousin's friends came to play.

She's chloe.

Chloe and her super vain lil sister (with the never ending poses!)

Cousin with the lil vainie! (:

Thanks the supporting my lil clearance! I will find time to upload more! (:

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