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♥ A date with Miss Holly Hoque

Yeah yeah, virgin meet-up with Sheila. The sweet lady behind Holly Hoque! We met at Pacific Plaza to get her nails done, after her school. Of course, to Melissa's! How can a girl resist the great deal she's offering to my readers! $28 FULL manicure WITH nail art. (Paint brush drawn okay!)

This promo will end next week! Call Melissa @ 96620883 for an appointment! She's charging her normal rate of $40+ from the 19th onwards (CNY period lah!). Sheila and i even booked our CNY slot already! Melissa is near to FULLY BOOKED!

Von couldnt come back on time to do my hair so postponed to next week instead. So i spent the 2 hours chatting with Sheila while she got her nails done. Super nice girl, lucky JY! MUAHAHA! (:

Headed for some shopping with her after that. She had to get JY's birthday gift. Somehow, all the guys items seem to disappear from us, couldn't find something suitable. Pull and bear and Topman seem to have shrunk? ):

We walked quite a no. of places before FINALLY getting the gift for him. Lucky boy, see Sheila really go the distance for you! The day ended when i had to leave for Ubi so Sheila left for dinner.

(this looks like some passport photo!)

P/s: Thanks Sheila. I stole ♥ from your blog! HEHE (:

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