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Pris birthday

Here's something hilarious to share! En and i met earlier and got presents and cake for Pris. Yes, we were the one who chose and bought the cake.

Wrong cake! HAHA!
Non of us realised!!!!

Even when
Pris said, eh! Why my cake is 21st birthday! Somehow, all of us were to excited. So i said, "aiya! Nevermind! Easy easy! "

TADAH! I removed the icing with my finger.

Then pris made her wish, and blew of the candles. When she was just about the CUT! En stopped her!!! and AHH!!!

She said, Wrong cake!
and yes. we destroyed some poor person's 21st birthday cake. I'm the culprit!

So we took the right cake, and headed outside to finish the celebration

Happy birthday, Pris! (:
Absentee: Jing who was @ camp

And yes!!! I love the dress by:
Photobucket French Fleurs

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