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Giant Stars meet up! (:

Taken after makeup at MC (:
They are really nice people. See the pink gown? They take turns to hold it for me cause im so small and youngest, the dress sweeps the floor when i hold it! HEHE!

Taken at Dunman food centre after filming (:

He's my partner. Sebas from Project superstar (:

Regine. My 'love love'! We were always together!
See the hair diff? We were sponsored by Monsoon. They cut my fringe! Our fringes. HAHA

Pictures from the finals at MC studios!

Backstage! (:

No girls pictures cause we were busy prep-ing! HAHA!

The final 12

My regine darling! (:

Final 6

Everyone thinks this picture is funny! Sebas and i are the smallest. But we still bend down and Bussy says we are like midgets! WA LAO right!

The support i got (:

Adrian smsed to say: Lets meet up for the last time for the year! (:

So we met up for dinner at Vivo's Marche. Not all turned up! My buddy dint! My partner dint as well! ): Of course, my darling Regine dint too lah! But we had our fun too. HEHE! Here's some pictures from Giant Stars few months back! (:

I had (they demanded) to move forward as i have a small face. HAHA

Winson brought his lil couzie who just got back from Australia.

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