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Staying with little cousins means i wont miss out on the fun. Which is noise, noise and more noise. Just kidding! HAHA! Its her new toys.

Presenting the Bunny family (:

Even i, a 19 year old got amazed by her new toy!
HEHE! Not by the 4 bunnies LAH! By where the bunnies live!

Can you see what these little figurines are?
It's okay if you cant. Zoe wont blame you cause they are minute! REALLY MINI!
So, here i've went real close for some closeups, just for you!

Its a kitchen!
The woks, toaster, tables and chairs are all on its own!
Actually everything that you see are ALL individuals!

NOW, Bringing in the owners!
Bunny mommy and daddy @ the Kitchen
At the Garden!
Baby Bunny bathing (with clothes on?)! HAHA!
For show lah!
The mini mini mini house applicances!
Study table with real mini books!
Zoe's favorite! Toilet brush in the toilet sink! Even the MINI toilet roll can be rolled out!

Its so much fun. Its really tough to put the furniture to where they belong since they are so mini! Only my lil cousin had the patience to put them nicely!


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