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I wore this out today. Not the usual Zoe Zoe's dress style. But, i like it! (: Casual, hip-hop and warm for rainy days like today!

Its essential for girls to have different styles in their wardrobe! You never know when you'd need a certain outfit (:

Daisyfaye sent me this MONEYKISS jacket! They have tons of beautiful apparels. Just like what i said, different styles being an essential! Daisyfaye has sweet, cute, formal.... You want it, they have it!

Daisyfaye sent the hottest thing in town as well!

I always wanted to get one. But couldnt find one that caught my eye, melt my heart!

The back design is as important as the front on this classy piece.

Next up,

Notice the black clutch? It's so classy and guess what! It's Prada-inspired! HEHE!
Generously sponsored by Frenchfleurs!

That's not all! Not just white frills and high-waisted pants goes well with it! DRESSES too!
P/s: Zoe digs tuni-tube dresses!

The two must must visit sites in the month of October: Daisyfaye and Frenchfleurs (:

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