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Received a call from MC yesterday, so headed down in the afternoon for an audition. The only info i got was "Casting for a role in a Chinese drama series". When i reached there with Yvonne (Called her to go down with me), we got the shocks of our lives. We're facing 2 pages long script, in Chinese. We were told to memorize! Zoe's chinese is a failure, can you imagine memorizing? I have difficulties trying to read the words already! BOOHOO! I almost screamed WTH! HAHAHA!

Thankfully, the lady was super patient with me (she felt i look well enough on screen. HAHA). Guiding me alone my NGs, advising me ways to improve (:

Thanks Germaine!

PHEW, we left after Yvonne's try. Headed to Central (shopping mall @ Clarke Quay) to meet Melissa. (:

Here goes;


Remember i mentioned posts before about nails? Went for my first appointment. Warmly greeted by this sweet sweet lady. Von, my hairstylist recommended me to her. Din have much time as i was scheduled to fitting at Dave's with my Gastpy girls. Chose a simpler design. So, here's today's pick to share! (:

Melissa, the HOT manicurist. 5 years experience under her belt and has works in magazine spreads, namely Elle (:

Pink nail varnish paired with Emerald piece outlined by mini gold beadings. Completed with Swaroski Crystals. Estimated price= $50/- (Before 10% discount for Zoe's friends!)

Call Melissa @ 96620883 to book an appointment if you want your nails prettified!

Location: The Central.

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