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Haven been a fan of falsies. I buy loads of them, but dont use. Always have difficulties pasting them on. An example was; Huirong & Claire had to stick them on for me during the 4 days of Comex!

But, i got to know a brand which i reckon i will start learning to DIY. Natural falsies are the way i like (:
Maggie May from Koji Japan. (Recommended by Jeneen)

So when i knew Darren was flying there, got him to get for me! The ones i got are around 1100¥ each? 1000¥= $14
(Darren refuses to release the exact pricing. HAHA)

After the end of my very first paper on Saturday, headed to Marina Square to pick up my lovelies! Not just for my loots, but also to meet the booth babes for Xbox 360! Boohoo! Had wanted to work for that. Oh well, what to do. DAMN EXAMS!

Angela was there. Michelle and June as well! Even my Secondary school senior, Wanxin, had a part there! So much fun LAH! *With much envy, girls-

Walked around Marina, got a pair of heels and spent ages at the mini arcade catching....


hmm, okay! i think its
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