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WOOHOO! Bought a bag from Victoria Secrets! I dig VS ALOT! Planning to order more! =)

Bags aside, did a shoot yesterday at a Serangoon studio.

Cammie (MUA) and Ervin (Photog)

Ervin did Chester dear's portfolio pictures=)

Before i go!...

Walked to collect my VS bag. On the way home, met this Uncle. Not a usual uncle. A perverted uncle. He asked where i was going. If i was heading home. Said, "Do you know you're very pretty?". Asked; "Can i be your friend?" WTH!

Scared the hell out of me. It was 10PM, opposite 201 (Somewhere in Tampines). I whipped out my cellphone and he continued talking even when i had my cell on my ear! ARGHS. Talked on the phone with Darren who's in Japan (YEA, Japan!!!), and brisked walk, ran ALL the way home! HAHA!

Going to grab something to munch for dinner!.

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