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Zoe Raymond|Fitness & Yoga|Beauty & Fashion

This post is full of pictures, taken during. Yes, DURING lecture!

she's a dancer, singer from Music Story!
she's the very first RMIT girl i met even before deg commerce!
(Evelyn! Your pinky pinky is showwinnngggg! HEHE!)
Im a student. Really.

We are that crazy, that unstudent-like! HEE. So glad im in a group of crazy fellas, (yes yes) like myself.

P/s: Sorry girls, you all are branded together with me, by me. MUAHAHA!

Went to school early to finish up on MR proposal. The girls watched my Giant stars DVD after lunch together. I dont like Evelyn! She says i act shy. I dont hor! HAHA!

Shop together after OB individual!!! More importantly, Vanessa's birthday celebration! =)

yours truly.

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