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Post of food! Only food.
My tasty lunch and hearty dinner for today!

Egg noodles

coconut with chicken stock (curry-like) gravy with chicken meat

deep fried Myanmar crackers (with taste just like keropok!)

With a lil squeeze of lemon, paired with crackers. All ready.

Here's a little knowledge about Myanmar food:

Myanmar food will be a little difficult to describe. Since the neighboring countries are mainly Thailand, China and India, the food existence in Myanmar is also a combination of these tastes. Myanmar food may be ranked between Chinese and Thai food.

Let's say Myanmar food is a bit richer than Chinese food, and less spicy than Thai food, and not as hot as Indian food. Many, but not most, Myanmar dishes are noodles. Myanmar is a rice growing country, so rice and other rice products become the main food for the country. Both rice and wheat noodles are common. Neither eating beef nor pork is forbidden. However it is not forbidden by Buddhism, some do avoid eating beef. Some people are vegetarians.

Summing up, this simple dish is very easy to prepare. Just water (DUH!), chicken stock, some quantity of chicken meat, onions, and most importantly coconut milk and egg/wheat noodles.

What was for dinner?

Made from scratch. Yes, flour


mashed potato

My lil cousin personalized her very own pizza.
creative shape and super thin crust.

The little chef.

Not forgetting;

Presenting the chefs in the Kitchen.
Myanmar graduate in Bachelor in business in the back. Myanmar domestic helper who had worked in Paris for an Italian family for 3 years. (She's great with Italian food!)

Thats all folks!

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