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I guessed many watched the opening of the Olympic just days ago. Remember seeing a cute little girl in a sweet red dress, paired with a voice that just awed you?

This girl was chosen to "sing" the song- Ode to The Motherland in the opening ceremony on 8th August in front of 91,000 at the Bird's Nest Stadium and millions across the globe watching live in front of their tv sets.

Back to reality,
For those who don't follow the news, here's something which caused a controversy in the public.

Beauty OR talent?

Well it has been proven that Beauty still be triumphant talent. Lin Miaoke, is that sweet girl in the red dress, which was with that great voice. Was.

The real voice, the magnificent singing IS from this girl. Yes, she may not be better looking than Miaoke, but she definitely isnt hideous.

Imagine the damage caused to this little girl physically and more important, mentally?
The public won't have judged her from her looks. Its the (her) singing that really mattered.

On the other hand, Lin Miaoke, 9 years old will reportedly pocket 600,000 Yuan ($120,000) for a 3minutes appearance in a movie. In other words, $40,000 a minute. $666.66 per second. Yes, thats how much publicity being caused.

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xiaobaobei said...

omg tts sad lo...
so young she have to go thru tis..