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Dinner @ Jurong Point
Huge chicken drum!!!

Went for a film casting at bouna vista with Desmond on saturday (Thanks to Cordelia's lobang. HEHE). The long flight of stairs we took up. It was a long walk from the MRT to the school. We just sweared when we saw the stairs and sweared more when we couldn find an alternative route up.

Another picture for Clover. Support CLOVER! =)

Link on the left!

Tomorrow's Itinerary;
- Meet Kunyang to Cathay in the morning for Aunt's Adidas merchandise. (Discounts! HEHE)
- Head to Cappage for intel training for WCG with the babes. Celeste, Casse, JOJO, Irene!!! (Gonna CHARGE camera!)
- Head to Loreal with Giant Stars 2008 Most Healthy Skin (Desmond. HAHA, he doesnt even wash his face with any foam. JUST WATER) for our chosen $1000 loreal products.

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