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CUCHEN UV Sterilizer

1 year old baby update.

Arielle is able to stand up steadily now but have not mustered courage to take her first step. She’s climbing on everything and everywhere, sofas, stairs, coffee tables. She also wants my attention, more than ever.

Arielle is also fully on bottle feeds now and she is taking 3 meals a day.

With the active baby + more things to sterilise and wash, we have jumped onto the Bottle UV Sterilizer bandwagon! With UV Sterilizing, we do not need the extra step of transferring the bottles to air-dry.

This is probably one of the most luxurious looking sterilizer I’ve seen! CUCHEN is from South Korea and it has the most certifications for UV Sterilizing as compared to other brands! Look at the countries where you can find a CUCHEN UV Sterilizer! USA, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia and now, Singapore!

Some of the 5 key reasons why you should consider CUCHEN UV Sterilizer.

1. It has 5 modes of operation

Auto, Drying, Sterilizing, Ventilation and Storage. A single press on the Auto button will run the first 4 modes for at least 35 minutes.

2. First UV Sterilizer to come with a Medical Grade UV LED
Current UV Sterilizer in the market only comes with 2 pieces of UV lamps.  CUCHEN UV Sterilizer comes with 2 UV lamps at the top and a Medical Grade LED at the bottom. Which effectively eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria!

3. Promises 360 Sterilizing

The Hive-Like Emboss on CUCHEN UV Sterilizer STS Walls, together with UV rays coming from the top and bottom, create maximum diffused reflection of UV rays, thus creating a more thorough sterilizing.

4. Plenty of space!

There's a 3-Level Rack Storage so there’s a rack for everything! There are smooth, detachable sliding racks for Baby Bottles, Nipples and a Basket-Type Rack for bottle caps. There’s also a Door Rack Space for sterilizing accessories like toothbrushes, Spoons and even small toys!

5. Replacement Alert

Current brands in the market does not tell you when the UV lamps have lost their efficacy.  CUCHEN UV Sterilizer is the first UV Sterilizer in the market to display replacement alert on the control unit when it is time to replace your UV lamps or LED!

I think I need to add in another reason why CUCHEN even though 5 always sounds better than 6.

6. The cool 1950 retro style is aesthetically appealing!

With the rise of young families being very aesthetically-conscious when preparing for the baby/ home, CUCHEN UV Sterilizer, cool 1950 retro style, will fit into your home. It comes in red or navy.

For the health of every child in the world, to make every parent in this world feel relieved. Definitely something every parent can relate to.

CUCHEN UV Sterilizer is distributed by bingbling - the same people who brings in my favourite Spectra S1 pump! You can find bingbling at Booth K-09 & L-12 at Singapore Expo Hall 5 from 19-21 April 2019. Exclusive for customers at Baby Fair April'19, you will get 3 years warranty + 59S Portable UV Bag! Read more about CUCHEN UV Sterilizer here!

You can also check out this play book at the booth! I first opened this book at home for Arielle and it kept her entertained for quite some time! My Super Fun Play Book is a delightfully colourful fabric book with 12 pages of super fun activities designed to develop fine motor skills, enhance hand dexterity and encourage creativity.

I decided to bring it to my Mom's place too! Even my parents were impressed with the book, it is a very interactive book!

Here are 4 of the 12 pages. There are even pages with textures like fur, shoe laces where we can teach our child how to lace up! Every purchase of My Super Fun Book/ My Quiet Book at Bling Bling at Booth K-09 & L-12 will entitle you to a free Boy/ Girl Face Chart.

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