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Arielle's 1 year old Photoshoot

Time flies. The last time we had a photoshoot with Mamamiyo, it was when Arielle was just 11 days old. She was a tiny baby and being a newborn, they are sleepy and sleeping most of the time.

Fast-forwarded a year later.. Arielle hasn't learnt to walk so she was still manageable at the shoot. Just like for Arielle’s 11 days old photoshoot, Mamamiyo prepared the set-ups and most of the outfits too! They recreated some scenes, which really made me miss the little one who is growing up too fast.

Slow down, my darling.

We also had some family shots and Alvin and I had some individual shots with Arielle. The whole shoot took about an hour. Arielle was very cooperative and smiley throughout. We fixed the shoot time according to her sleep schedule. She had just woken up from her second nap and was in a good mood! Excited to share

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