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Arielle's 1 year old Celebration!

We made it to 1 year of parenthood! What a journey it has been! Please grow up healthy and always this bubbly, Arielle!

Sharing some photos from her birthday bash!

We got help from Neo Garden once again. Neo Garden have always been our go-to caterer when we have big or small parties! Even our parents' offices cater in Neo Garden 's buffet for their company functions!

I wanted a Botanical-theme for Arielle's 1 year old celebration. Botanical because I wanted a clean, fresh and green party.

Just look at the Geometric Botanical Thematic Setup - fully done by Neo Garden themselves! Plain, boring buffet lines are passe! If you are looking to hold a fuss-free party and get a Thematic set up done too, you can enjoy 10% off any of thematic decorations with "ZOE10OFF"

Even the balloons were provided by Neo Garden, you can see Arielle loving them.. every picture of her had her touching them!

We wanted something different for our guests so we took a look at Neo Garden's Peranakan Menu. Both Alvin and my mother are Peranakan so our family members love Peranakan food! We picked some of the all-time favorite peranakan dishes and topped up with the Kueh Pie Tee DIY Station. It is always extra fun to make your own food!

We were very excited because we have never tried this menu before! Because we had about 20 children guests, so we also had a kids' menu! Lucky kids because since it was a kid's birthday party, they got "kids' favorite" Spaghetti, fish balls, nuggets!

Now, let the food pictures talk!

 Kueh Pie Tee DIY Station looking so fine!

What's a buffet without Neo Garden's signature curry! We always have this for our buffets! Another favorite is the satay!

Nonya Chap Chye w Mushroom

I couldn't decide between Mee siam or Nonya Laksa! We decided to go for the latter because we were afraid not all our guests may take sour food - definitely want to try the mee siam the next time!

The adults had Assorted Nonya Kueh and Pulut Hitam for desserts while the kids' buffet line had chocolate eclairs and agar agar!

Here's the kids' buffet line which I found myself and many adults there too!

Nothing beats having your guests enjoy the food, and having so much praises for the dishes you have ordered!

Here was what we ordered!
Fragrance Pandan Rice (50%) and Nonya Laksa (50%)
Nonya Curry Chicken w Potato
Breaded Fish w Tartar
Udan Goreng Assam
Classic Nonya Beef Rendang
Gado Gado Special
Nonya Chap Chye w Mushroom
Pulut Hitam w Coconut Milk
Assorted Nonya Kueh
Barley Drink
Singapore Kueh Pie Tee DIY Station
Satay Chicken

Kids Menu
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Chicken Nuggets
Breaded Scallop
Fish Ball
Steamed Siew Mai
Egg Mayo Sandwich
Mini Chocolate Éclair
Agar Agar in Cup
Blackcurrant Cordial

Taking this opportunity to share 3 of their ongoing promotions!

1. Belly Good 1 For 1 Promo
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3. Neo Garden Baby
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Quote "ZOE10OFF" to enjoy 10% off any of thematic decorations, from 20 March 2019 till 31 July 2019!

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