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Jennings Laminate

Alvin and I are considering to redo our room. We have actually wanted to do it after we got married but I got pregnant soon after and plans were postponed.

Call it timely or not, Jennings Laminate contacted me about a month ago to pay a visit to their newly refurbished gallery.

As always, I checked with my best friend, what does Jennings offer and how do they stand in the market. If you were wondering, my best friend is Google :D

Jennings has been doing what they have been doing for almost 30 years! I am always the same age as them! Jennings is experienced with High Pressure Decorative Laminates and a leading provider of contemporary surfacing solutions for all discerning clients in both residential and commercial spaces.

Even their website is impressive. There is a News and Article tab which gave us knowledge about laminates. This is the very first time Alvin and I are exposed to laminates. We live with our parents and we have zero experience. We know nothing about laminates only that it is a necessity in homes.

If you are just like us, read this article: 4 reasons why you should visit a laminate gallery before renovating your house!

We took their last appointment on Saturday after dropping Arielle off with my parents. This is the only time we are free of the baby every week. When we were there, there was a family of 6 looking at laminates. They were still there when we left, they have 4 children, so probably many rooms to work on!

Jennings walked us through their offerings. From the catalogues of laminate samples they have to their latest laminate gallery which are of huge 2 x 8 feet laminates! Jennings realized how homeowners may not be satisfied from seeing small laminate chips in the catalogue, at times, they may not turn out the exact way they had wanted because these small samples were cut out from the actual big laminates!

At Jennings galleries, they have A4 sizes and huge 4 x 8 feet laminates of their entire collection for us to view. We get to see how it will look since we often need huge pieces of them and feel the textures too!

This pastel wall in front of me is another way we can play with laminates! Putting different colored laminates into one!

Jennings is truly a market leader because they are the first in the world to collaborate with Sanrio & bring in Sanrio Characters laminates since 2016!

There is no need to get the rights to put these Sanrio laminates at your home or shops anymore! If we had an extra room for Arielle, at least one wall or cupboard in the room will be of this Sanrio laminate! Look at them!! If you are not a big fan of pinks, there's white-based ones too!

If you are a new homeowner or looking to renovate your current place, do make a visit to Jennings to see what they can offer. After all, laminates make up majority of our house, from walls to feature walls, dresser rooms and cupboards in our rooms and cabinets in our kitchens.

Starting and ending this post with my favorite wall in Jennings. This feature wall is also made from their laminates! Even the bench is of matching marble laminate. How fun and unique!

In conjunction with Jennings 30th Anniversary, Jennings is giving a 30% off all laminates to you! Make an appointment today and if you quote zoe30, you will receive a 30% off! Discount can be passed on to your carpenters. T&C: Cash & carry and not to be combined with the carpenter’s existing % discount. Valid till February 2019 only.

Jennings MAIN
23 Sungei Kadut Street 1 Singapore 729323
Tel: +65 6363 1111
Fax: +65 6363 3838 / +65 6364 9782

Jennings BRANCH
Blk 38 Defu Lane 10 #01-33 Singapore 539215
Tel: +65 6382 3838
Fax: +65 6382 4598


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