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Arielle's 100th Day Celebration's Dessert Table

I already had a dessert table in mind for Arielle's 100th Day Celebration when she was about a month old. We have decided to do a 100th Day celebration before she was born because we didn't want to expose her to too many people all at once, and she would be more interactive at 3 months. It is also less straining for the parents who would be tired from taking care of a newborn. Doing 1-month parties means mommy may have to start planning right after the birth - some even before birth for an elaborate celebration.

Like I mentioned, I didn't put in a lot of effort in planning. All I knew I wanted was:

Colorful & happy - something happy and bright for my daughter who have always been so cheery and joyful to the people around her.
Sweet treats for tea reception because cakes, macaroons, and cake pop sounded more suitable for friends with children and a 2.30pm tea session.

So after speaking to Choz (pronounced "Choose") on my 2 key needs, we finalized on a colorful, pastel theme that I've envisioned. Choz also suggested a variety of kueh kueh from their signature Pandora Snack Box for our family in the first session! That's a brilliant idea because the first session also gets to enjoy some sweet treats and the kind they enjoy better!! AKK in various flavors like Bean, Salty Bean, Coconut and Green Tea, Lapis Sagu, Kueh Salat!

Our tea session started at 2.30pm and look at how beautiful our dessert table which doubled up as our photo booth was!

A few of our friends came up to me to say the dessert table makes them happy just looking at it!

Our dessert table consisted of:

1. Macaroons
2. Cake pops
3. Cupcakes in ice cream cones
4. Petite donuts
5. Butter cookies
6. Rainbow Marshmallow
7. Our centerpiece 2-tiered cake!

My favorites from the table are the cake pops and our centerpiece cake! They were rich chocolate cakes! So so so good I can't stop! Even the guys who don't usually enjoy desserts had a cake pop each! One of them was my husband himself! The kids really enjoyed the butter cookies and macaroons, they even cleared a bottle of marshmallows! Dessert tables can never go wrong if you have friends who have kids. A real merry watching them enjoy!

Before I end the post, let's do a throwback to when Arielle was just a month old!

We didn't hold a celebration but we remembered to order some baby full month boxes for our elders from Choz too!

We went for CT8 Our Pride & Joy which included a full Round Marble or Almond Butter Cake, 2 Eggs, 2 Icing Cupcakes, 2 Swiss Rolls and 2 Pointed Ang Ku Kueh!

We chose the template where we could put a picture of her taken at 11 days old! Perfect way to show our elders who haven't had the chance to meet her yet!

Choz have always been a brand we go to, in fact, my MIL had ordered the same CW8 Perfect Love for our Guo Da Li a year back too!

We have gone through some key milestones of our lives with Choz! From our wedding to our Baby's first month and now 100th day! If you are looking at some of these, do remember to quote Zoe15 for 15% off baby Full Month packages and Zoe20 for 20% off dessert tables! Valid until 16th July 2018 only.

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