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Bedroom styling with IUIGA

Together is a great place to be.

Picked some new items for our bedroom from IUIGA! I was so excited to take these pictures but turned out that my husband was more excited than me! He's a natural at this now, isn't he?

At IUIGA, they believe that we consumers, have the right to know how much quality truly costs. So at every product page, there is a Transparent Pricing chart where it shows the breakdown of raw cost, all the way down to the exact material cost, labor cost, tax and transport. Everything is completely transparent as IUIGA reveals the true cost of quality to us! I will be putting down the Transparent Pricing Chart image after the end of each item. It's quite fun to know how all these cost are too!!

Couple Pajamas
MUJI Same Manufacturer

Made from lush and eco-friendly 100% cotton. Extra comfortable and extra happy cause I get to matchy with the husband! I love button down PJs these days cause they make nursing very convenient- and I can still be warm.

Pencil Striped Quilt Cover Set
MUJI Same Manufacturer

Made from 100% Cotton Jersey. Alvin is particular about his sheets and he approves these! These sheets are of baby-friendly fabrics which gets softer with every wash, Arielle can do her tummy time on these sheets too!

This will come in very handy when I go back to work in a week's time. If you notice, it's slightly dark at the background. That was because Arielle was sleeping and the curtains were drawn and I could only turn on the walk-in wardrobe light which wasn't bright enough. I thought of getting a Vanity mirror but never did because I never found it worth the pricey price tag.

LED Vanity Makeup Mirror

Thank you for this Vanity mirror with built-in LED tape lights that stimulate natural lighting. Sleeping baby and need to make up? No problem!

Another 2 favorite features of the Vanity mirror are: 
  1. Touch-sensitive power button and adjustable brightness.
  2. Mirror angles are adjustable to make makeup application a breeze.
  3. Rechargeable via a USB port! How convenient if I need to bring it out!

The last item I carefully picked for our bedroom is something I specifically chose for my tassel earrings. I can never store them properly, putting them into a storage box- the tassels get so messed up. They have to be hung for them to fall nicely! So here's what I got!

Earring Display Organiser
Umbra Same Manufacturer

I hung up the accessories I wear most often for convenience too. You can also tell that I love dangling earrings and a problem about them is they tend to get tangled up with one another very easily. Love the classic design of this organizer and it helps me tidy up my accessories mess, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Thank you, IUIGA, for making shopping so convenient. The website is well-organized and easy to surf. I knew exactly what I wanted and went straight into the tabs. A friendly-website is just as important to me as an affordable one! Be sure to save up (or so you can buy more) when you are on IUIGA. Because IUIGA was born as the creators pondered over one question: “Why pay so much for quality?”

IUIGA only works with the biggest manufacturers. These are the same manufacturers that work with our favorite designer brands like L'Oreal, MUJI and Samsonite. IUIGA works with them, cout out traditional brand premiums, and pass on these cost savings to me and you! Now, like what you saw and heard? Shop away now, it's a $10 off when you use my referral code!

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