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29th Birthday and the first one as a mother.

First picture of 5th June 2018. A year older but this year is special because I have you, Arielle. Arielle turned 12 weeks too. Alvin planned the day for us. Bathe and feed the baby. She take her short nap before we left home for Sentosa. We were taking Arielle to the S.E.A. Aquarium!

Daddy took these of Arielle while I got us breakfast! The Daddy and baby patiently waiting for their breakfasts hehe!

Ended up at Toastbox first because it was close to Arielle's feed time. So we nursed her there while we shared a meal. Didn't want a heavy breakfast cause lunch was nearby too.

Alvin chose this Jujube bag for himself! Any daddy would carry a diaper bag if it looks this good! I had a few Mommies asking about it, I am guessing for Daddy to share the load too? :D jujube Forever Backpack will be launching at Mothercare Harborfront and Online on 12th June 2018, so mark the dates!! The straps are padded so they are so comfortable for a long day out- tried and tested!

Mommies can surely carry this bag too! I would, with my pair of trusty blue jeans!

Who's finally up and so we moved off to S.E.A Aquarium!

We had a JAWsome time!

We went for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe where I babyweared Arielle to sleep, she slept for a good hour odd in my chest despite the loud music! After which, we even took the tram to Beach Station but it was way too hot. We made it to the beach but not onto the sand, walked a little and hopped onto the next tram back to RWS. Went back home, bathed the baby and she took a 40 minutes nap before we prepared her for the night.

Second half of the birthday was with my family at Instagram-friendly Scissors Paper Stove for tapas.


Surprised them by bringing Arielle cause Daddy said "No Arielle No Fun", shattered my heart a little 💔😂 We do not bring her out for dinners because after trying it twice, we felt that her sleeps at night would be affected as she would be overstimulated. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad that night!

Dressed by Mikayla for the evening!

The kind people at Scissors Paper Stove and PR Salon prepared a cake and flowers for me too! So I had two bouquets and 2 cakes that very night. So blessed, thank you!


So the birthday night went like that. Shagged out Daddy who was carrying the diaper bag and pushing the pram. Mommy who still has to look out for hungry and crying Arielle. :D

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