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Some of you have been asking me about Arielle's weight and my weight gains as we went along my pregnancy. Here are the estimates of her weight through the scans while the numbers in brackets are my weight gain.

20 weeks: 331g (3kg)
25 weeks: 674g
28 weeks: 1072g (5.5kg)
31 weeks: 1423g (7kg)
33 weeks: 1885g (7.5kg)
35 weeks: 2255g (8.7kg)
36 weeks: 2515g (9.5kg)
37 weeks: 2520g (10kg)
38 weeks: 2600g (11kg)
39 weeks: 2739g (11kg)
39 weeks 5 days: 3200g (11kg)
At birth at 39 week 5 days: 3390g

I gained a total of 11kg from being close to 40 weeks pregnant. To be honest, yes at the initial, I was worried about gaining too much. But very soon later, it didn't bother me at all, knowing Arielle's growing healthily. A common question was if I diet/ restricted myself; No, I didn't, in fact, I ate a lot more. I never had so much carbs in my life- I hated the smell of meat and seafood, so I only had carbs all the time.

Last 3 images! I can have the same food every day hahaha!

A lot of carbs!!

I also had avocado almost every day cause of it's nutritional benefits. It's a superfood so very fattening! But taking so much avocados is a blessing in disguise after mothers tell me it's that's why I have the milk supply.

I also had a lot of eggs as recommended by my gynae. I would have 2 eggs each day. Thankfully, I still loved eggs!

I would also have bread, biscuits, milo and milk every night before I sleep and at 2am almost every day in my last trimester!

I'm that boring!! I can eat the same lunch every day, same supper every night too!

It wasn't all healthy of course, I had some yummy and unhealthy food too. It's all about balance.

I had a fruit at least twice a day. I had a lot of kiwis, grapes and apples. And I went for yoga from Week 12 of my pregnancy till my last class at Week 35.

I'm glad I didn't cut down on my intake to make myself feel better on the weighing scale because Arielle came out healthy and cause she's 3.4kg, she's so much easier to carry and care for.

Happy dreams from a full feed

And as for the weight I gained, it was also lost quite quickly too from breastfeeding and sleepless nights! Now at 5 weeks post partum, I have about 1kg more to my pre-pregnancy weight.

So mamas-to-be, your weighing scales should be least of your concern now cause it's all just temporary!

This guide could come in handy too!

P/S: Throughout my pregnancy, I also had people leaving comments that my baby is too light, my belly is small and I haven't gained enough weight, the baby is going to be less healthy. Look at Arielle. Though I may look smaller than some preggies, my daughter was 3.4kg at birth!! So it's not true that if your bump is small, the baby is small- vice versa.

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