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Preparing Arielle's Nursery with Mothercare

37 weeks pregnant this week also means we are down to last few weeks before our baby girl, Arielle, arrives in our family. I spent the last 2 months preparing for her arrival with great help from Mothercare! Alvin and I made an appointment with the adviser, Amy, at Mothercare and we spent 1.5 hours with her on the nursery, car seat, strollers even breast pumps, milk bottles and the sterilizers! The conversation we had with her really got us thinking. It is not what we want to buy that matters, but how our lifestyle is and will be that determines what we need to buy.

For the preparation of our nursery, Amy asked us questions like are we going to co-sleep with Arielle. That determines what cot we should get. We decided on Babyhood Kaylula Sova Cot for various reasons that matches our lifestyle.

1. The nursery will be a small part in our room which means she will co-sleep with us.

2. We wanted a cot that is practical and Babyhood Kaylula Sova Cot is a 5-in-1.
• Circular bassinet - from newborn to 6 months (76cm in diameter)
• Cot - from 6 months to 18 months (76cm x 130cm)
• Cotbed - from 18 months to 36 months (76cm x 130cm)
• Playpen - from 6 to 36 months (76cm x 130cm)
• Table and Chairs - from 18 months

3. It is made of sturdy material, European beech wood.

4. This cot is available in 2 designs, Classic and Clear. We decided on Clear and Beech in color as we wanted the acrylic plastic panels so to easier see our baby from our bed.

5. There is also castor wheels that is removable and lockable. This is extremely useful to move from one room to the next. There's no need to get an additional cot if the baby moves frequently between room and living room.

So Babyhood Kaylula Sova Cot really allows you to grows with your child, starting from a Bassinet to a Cot to a Toddler Bed to an Adult Table and Chairs Set and finally a Playpen!
Retail Selling Price: $1,599

We were also suggested to get Mothercare Cellular Blanket which is 100% cotton and great for swaddling as well.
The little holes of the blanket gives us a peace of mind as well, just in case the baby covers herself with it.

Retail Selling Price: $18

We also got some Mothercare Sleepsuits and Mothercare Bodysuits. A mother friend of mine actually recommended me to get onesies from Mothercare even before my visit to Mothercare!

She had shared that the material that Mothercare uses is very good and soft on babies' skin. Mothercare's clothes are crafted from the softest cotton and the sleepsuits comes with Handy popper openings for easy dressing. What I like best is that they are all applique and embroidery is fabric backed to prevent irritation.

Retail Selling Price:
Mothercare Sleepsuits (3 pieces) $39.90-$49.90
Mothercare Bodysuits (5 pieces) $32.90-$39.90

These prices are for printed designs. The plain colored ones are at $22.90 for both bodysuits and sleepsuits!

We will be washing these pretty clothes with the detergent, softener and washing liquid which we also got from Mothercare. We decided on B&B, a.k.a Baby & Basic who is Korea's #1 baby laundry and infant household products with over 23 years of history. I also love the pretty pink packaging!

B&B Laundry Detergent and B&B Softener are made from patented formula of 7 natural extracts: fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree and root of skullcap which have antibacterial effects and protects the skin! The detergent spots a natural herb scent comforts the mind and body through aroma therapy while the Softener has a light Jasmine scent that can help babies sleep better.

First batch of clothes on the line!

B&B products are over 97% biodegradability (by Korean Chemical Synthesis Testing Lab), Eco-friendly and safe for the skin (S-mark awarded by Korean Chemical Synthesis Testing Lab) and No harmful chemicals(preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, synthetase).

Retail Selling Price:
Detergent: $18.90
Softener: $16.90

B&B also offers Feeding Bottle Liquid that we will use to clean feeding bottles, nipples/teats, baby dishes and containers, toys, and breast pumps accessories. Made of 100% food additive so it's completely safe for babies and it also contains natural germicidal ingredients which clean the bottle and kills germs without sterilizing it in boiling water.

Retail Selling Price: $13.90

If you are a new Mommy like I am, I would highly suggest that you sought the help of the Mothercare advisor before you make any impulse purchases! I would have gone for a lot more aesthetically pretty items since I am having a baby girl but our advisor, Amy, really put me into reality and Alvin and I really sat down to discuss what we really need and want before we finalize our items- especially when some of them are the big purchases!

You can find the Mothercare outlets in Singapore here!

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