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Babymoon in Tokyo

Alvin says our baby is really lucky. She has visited USA, Canada, Australia and Japan even before she's born. So last week, we were in Japan for my last babymoon at my 22th week of pregnancy.

We flew with Japan Airlines which was not too bad! I like their maroon seats and pretty meals!

We didn't sit next to each other this time cause he wanted us to catch the view of Mount Fuji! It was pretty cloudy so we could only see the tip of Mount Fuji.

We had  a great view though, just before we landed!

We took a shower at Narita Airport cause we landed about 9AM!

Dropped off our luggage at our hotel at Royal Park Hotel, The Shiodome Tokyo and took the train for our first meal, Ichiran Ramen! It was only 11am so no queues!

Took a train to Aomi Station where there were a lot of at the Odaiba shopping malls! We spotted a pretty tree that was already orange! In a knit top from Hollyhoque!

More pretty trees! This was just outside Diver City Tokyo Plaza where The Gundam Base Tokyo is. If you or your boyfriend loves Gundam, this place is a must-visit! There is a HUGE ASS Gundam statue outside the mall that moves (just a little) a few times a day!
I was wearing this long sleeved top underneath my Hollyhoque knit top cause I was afraid it would be too chilly!

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