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Is your hair ageing faster than you? You’ve heard about skin ageing and know everything about it, but have you heard of hair ageing? When I first heard about it from TrichoKare, a leading Trichological centre that provide expert solutions on hair and scalp problems, I was excited to see what was in store for me!

Visited TrichoKare last week, a certified Trichologist did the Advanced Tricho Hair Test for me. Turns out my hair is 32 years old when I am only 28!!!!

“Like skin, hair also ages intrinsically,” says TrichoKare Senior Trichologist Jane Ang. She added that pigment cells also decrease with age, which slows down the production of melanin, resulting in greying hair. Lesser collagen and elastin also cause hair to become drier and more brittle. Shrinking of the hair follicles then results in thinner hair.

Look at my Before hair scan results!
It was pretty shocking for me, I know I have greasy hair but I didn't know it was that bad! The scalp is so excessively greasy that the pores were all badly clogged which impedes hair growth! This results in an excessive hair loss, hair thinning and brittle hair strands, which is the reason why my hair has aged faster than it should.

TrichoKare’s hair and scalp expert did the hair scan of different parts of my head for me. The back of my head was not spared and actually the condition of my scalp there is slightly better than the front.

As it was my first time having my hair and scalp examined, the hair and scalp expert was very patiently explaining what caused the bad hair condition.
Various causes included:
1) Naturally greasy scalp
2) I do not wash my hair cleanly for a prolonged period of time.

He even took out a hair structure so to better explain to me!

With this image, it was clear that my hair was extremely greasy. He shared that clean scalps usually have 3 strands of hair at each root whereas most of mine only had 2 strands. This is because my scalp is too excessively greasy, congested for sufficient hair to sprout.

TrichoKare is a multi-award winning hair and scalp centre that helps to fight signs of ageing hair like; Thinning Hair, Grey Hair, Dryness, Brittleness and Lacklustre! Using advanced formula and revolutionary technology, TrichoKare’s treatments are all customised using premium European herbs validated by certified Trichologists, which have been proven to have medicinal benefits on the hair and scalp to promote hair growth.
The product ingredients used by TrichoKare are all natural plant-based ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals are safe for pregnant ladies like myself too! After the detailed explanation, the hair and scalp expert recommend me to try TrichoKare award winning hair treatment: Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment. It was time for the pampering session!

My hair and scalp expert first prepared the customised Hair Masque for me and began applying it at the roots area of my scalp. It helps to deeply cleanse the hair by excess sebum and dead skin. Soothing the scalp to reduce the redness.

The application takes up to 20 minutes to detox my scalp and absorb the nutrients. It was slightly minty so it was really comfortable and relaxing. 
He truly explained every step to me!

Next up was the Deep Cleansing Wash. Had the most amazing hair wash, don't we all love hair washes!? They massage each and every single pressure point and the soothing botanical hair wash will deeply cleanse and regulate the pH balance of your scalp and remove the dead skin and grime.

My hair and scalp expert was really thorough and as he gave me the good hair scrub, he taught me to wash my hair twice, from now on. He said that the first wash usually just washes off the grease and if we just continue to use that foam to wash our hair, it will never be clean enough. The second wash is the one that we should spend more time on, using the finger beds to scrub the scalp to ensure grease and dirt is well removed.
Here comes one of the most exciting part of the treatment- My hair and scalp expert start the Oxyjet Technology machine - a new innovation that uses air pressure jets which are an infusion of 98% pure oxygen & nutrients to "shoot" deep into the layers of your scalp. It was paired with an ampoule that was selected specially for my greasy problem.

The active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the scalp without needles, which means it is gentle and safe! It helps to improve blood circulation encourage the production of collagen, which in turn improves hair growth & control hair fall.

This treatment actually felt really comfortable because you experience a cooling sensation on your scalp!

Lastly, you will get to try the TrichoTech. This intensive regeneration helps to encourages cell renewal and stimulate hair growth, all while soothing your scalp. I didn’t get to try it as they mention it is not suitable for pregnant ladies.

My hair and scalp expert had already mentioned during the scan that due to the condition of my scalp, 1 session will not be sufficient so I wasn't expecting much. But the Before and After scans really showed a vast difference!

The results are obviously visible and remarkable – my scalp is much cleaner after the accumulated sebum clogs were removed and the pores also opened up.

I was very pleased with how clean my scalp felt, which made such a big difference to someone like me who has to constantly struggle with greasy scalp problems. I cannot imagine if I were to go more religiously. My scalp and hair have hope!

No wonder TrichoKare has won numerous awards this year! That clearly proves how effective TrichoKare can be when it comes to preventing hair fall & hair loss, as well as promoting healthy hair growth.

Having seen results myself, I would strongly recommend you to try it! For dull, dryness, itchy, greasy and Thinning Hair, #Trichokare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment is your answer.

In celebration of TrichoKare’s Orchardgateway outlet anniversary, they are offering an exclusive deal:
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Extra Perks: Stand to win 2D1N staycation at MBS (worth $680), after the trial treatment.

Redeem it here. It’s definitely worth it!!!! *Promotion is only valid at Orchardgateway outlet.

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