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Bridesmaids Party!

Held my Bridesmaid Party at Escentials last weekend! Thank you, Cepheus Chan Photography, for these pictures! It is because we had you, we could fully enjoy our party and still collect beautiful memories through these photos at the same time.
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The day started really early for us as Zonia and I headed to Escentials about 3 hours before the Bridesmaids Party. For the last few weeks before the party, I have actually been busy preparing the gifts I wanted to gift them. Liaising with some of my sponsors and buying and collecting some of the other stuff I wanted to complete the Bridesmaid Kit!
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The Desserts By Enjoué team was there as early as we were too, to set up the desserts table!
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Tarts yum!
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Thank you, Desserts By EnjouĂ© for the beautiful desserts table. I haven't had one like this before so I am really thankful! It made our photos look so good! It was almost like a photobooth already!
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We had some rose bud tea from Escentials to go with our desserts!
So here's what the Bridesmaid Kit contains after 2 good hours of putting them together!
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Miniature Skincare: Escentials
Personalized Adelle Crossbody Bag in Textured Black: The Sophia Label
Personalized Wedding Ring Charm: The Ztyle Co
Baby-breath Bouquet: Smile Floral
Girl Squad Bridesmaids Invitation Cards: @Miraculove
Snacks: Box Green Co
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Firsts to arrive are my 2 dearest cousins, Jing and Yuxin! I think it is in the blood that we have the best punctuality haha!
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The girls started to explore their boxes and read my handwritten cards!
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Jing unboxing her Personalized Wedding Ring Charm from The Ztyle Co! It's so classic that you can wear it for daily wear, like how I am now!
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Going through the actual day wedding schedule, collecting some feedback and of course, assigning roles teehee!
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After the serious stuff, some pampering from the beauty advisors from Escentials! 
The programme started with calming our nerves: Where every lady gets a welcoming cup of rosebud tea while a scented candle was lighted to calm and balance nerves.

We had 3 BA assigned to our party. 1 shared with us some makeup tips based on our face type, like what eye brows would suit us best, eyeshadow and lip colors while the other 2 did some hand massage for the other girls! The rest of the girls took turn to choose their favorite scent in the creams, enjoyed some tea and snacks and take photos!
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En getting a makeover!

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Nourish your skin! Each of us got to choose a scented body smoother of our choice from Escentials array of luxury body creams/ lotions, the enjoy a relaxing and pampering hand massage by the skilled BA.
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I enjoyed how the party was relaxing and how we got to get some bonding time together which is extremely helpful if your bridesmaids haven't all met each other before. This meet up that covers some activities together could allow them to interact more in a relaxing environment, suitable for some bridesmaids who could tend to be more shy!
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Will post another post of our group pictures in the next post! We had too many, all thanks to Cepheus Chan Photography!

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