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Family's pampering time at Royal Feet

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Spent Sunday afternoon with the family over some Acupoint massage at Royal Feet. They are just minutes away from our home and the most affordable massage we have been to in Singapore! Like how some bloggers like to do a disclaimer, not paid to do this review! :P
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Royal Feet's charges very affordable, just $18 for a 30 minutes foot reflexology and $40 for a 40 minutes full body massage. I went for the 40 minutes body massage and it was good. I enjoy acupoint massage cause it helps loosen my muscles that are tensed up from too much computer work at the office.
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I have got to tell you that Royal Feet is just a cosy shop at Queen's Road. But I like that it's very comfortable, a lot like a living room of a home. And especially when the price right, my family's going back soon.
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Pss! Its also 1-1 on Saturday, 29th April 2017, because it's their first birthday bash! $9 for a 30 minutes foot reflexology and $20 for a 40 minutes full body massage? That's that ridiculous deal!!
And a shot of love and I looking happy and free after our body massages! :D
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Royal Feet
Opening Hours: 11:00-22:00
4 Queen's Road, #02-115
Singapore 260004
Tel: 63529152

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