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Steam Box

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Heard a lot about this concept of steambox since 2016 but never had the opportunity to give it a try! I've seen so many pictures of people steaming their food and all the goodness will drip to the cooking porridge below and they have the porridge at the end of their meal. So this was exactly what we were in for at Steambox!
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We headed to Steambox located at Serangoon Gardens after work on a cold, rainy weekday, no better day to have piping hot meal!
The menu was comprehensive, a wide variety of seafood and cooked food like my favorite fish skin!! This is the only steambox place that carry dim sum too, so Zonia was really happy, she loves siew mai a lot and only have them when we yum cha.
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Steambox introduced some new porridges on their menu like the Eight Treasures Porridge and Double Happiness Porridge but we decided to stick to their speciality- Scallops and Clams porridge! But we got to try their other new on menu items like...
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Phoenix Prawn ($12.80), Stuffed Cabbage Rolls ($6.80) and Bacon-wrapped with Baby Potatoes ($9.80).
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Scallop with Cheese and Bacon ($19.80)
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Sliced Smoked Duck ($6.80)
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There were so many new on menu items that we just ordered some prawns, crayfish and flower crabs to go along!

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We were lucky to get a table! The crowd came pouring in at 8pm and the restaurant was full!
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The different colors of the plates tell you how much steaming time is required!
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Ended the meal with our porridge! It is really very very good!!! I love it so much! It was sweet and fragrant, only possible with the sweet, fresh seafood which we have been steaming above!
Definitely heading back for more!

Steam Box
Address: 68 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555962
Hours: 11AM–3PM, 6–11PM
Phone: 6281 6939
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