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NUXE Anti-ageing Regime

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Turning 28 this 2017. Religiously taking care of my health by making sure I have sufficient rest, regular exercise, healthy diet and a good skincare regime. Started 2017 with these new skincare from NUXE!
Everything started in 1957, when a pharmacist had a fascination for phytotherapy and aromatheraphy and founded NUXE. In 1989, Aliza Jabès took over the brand to revive a pioneering cosmetologic concept combining nature, health and beauty. Aliza is convinced that the vegetal environment is at the core of the greatest therapeutic and medicinal discoveries and that the power of plants must be treasured.

Aliza’s passion for plants combined with her gifted anticipation of women’s needs allowed NUXE to become a truly unique brand, with strong beliefs in its roots and authenticity.

I am not new to this brand because I have attended one of NUXE's launches back in 2016 and was awe by the ingredients in their products- plants. I love nature, plants, but the closest I have been been to them are my daily dose of tea and regular visits to Gardens by the bay. NUXE have different ranges of skincare but I chose the range that I can relate best to at this stage of my life- Nuxellence® and Nirvanesque® from The Anti-ageing range.
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These are 5 of the products from the Nuxellence® and Nirvanesque®anti-aging range. 2 are for day use, 2 are for night use and the little tube in the front is for both day and night use. Will be sharing each product in detail with you, so please read on!

The Nuxellence® anti-aging range (2 purple bottles) has 10 patents (FR) and is an excellent anti-aging program that reveals the skin’s youth. These anti-aging products are made with Passion Flower and are suitable for adults and every skin type. There are a lot of benefits from Passion Flower, it is a medicinal and therapeutic plant that is widely used to aid anxiety, hypertension. Passion Flower is also used to gently relax the mind/body to prepare for a more restful nights sleep. Because of the nutrients in the oil as well as the fatty acids and antioxidants, it is also a nourishing moisturizer in skin care, and is particularly beneficial for those with aging, oily, or mature skin! I love how my skin can be rejuvenated and keeps me at ease at the same time!

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Step 1: The anti-aging fluid Nuxellence® Eclat
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This lilac tube is the bestseller in the range that helps restore our skin’s radiance. It's texture is enriched in corrective pigments to visibly illuminate complexion. With Passion Flower and Hyaluronic Acid, it boosts effectiveness of anti-aging or hydrating care.
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Nuxellence® Eclat is light in texture and has a delicate fragrance from the Passion Flower ingredient.
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For optimum efficacy on your skin’s radiance, make light tapping movements all over your face after applying the product. 

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Nirvanesque® is suitable for normal skin. I use Nirvanesque® in the day after Eclat. Nirvanesque® is a day cream and I've seen reviews for this variant. Everybody loves it too and it is the first wrinkle cream with Peony and Blue Lotus seeds! Peony extract is valued for the Paeoniflorin active, which has an antioxidant effect similar to Vitamin E.
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This is the skin after cream has penetrated. It is not oily and my skin looks soft and complexion looks radiant even without makeup!
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I can't wait to smoothen first visible lines on my face with this Nirvanesque®!

This is from the Nirvanesque® range so it has the benefits from Peony and Hyaluronic Acid too!
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You can see that I have visible dark circles cause I am pretty fair. I haven't been religiously applying eye creams like I apply my skincare. So it has worsen over the years. This helps reduce dark circles and brightens eyes!
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Slowly tapping the eye cream around my eye, do it very gently with the middle/ ring finger until it is fully penetrated.

Now I am ready for my makeup application before I head out to work!

NUXE anti-aging- NIGHT
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Step 1: Anti-aging Night Serum Nuxellence® DETOX
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Nuxellence® DETOX is the range’s revolutionary anti-aging night care helps the skin regeneration process. This is my favorite of all NUXE products simply because the skin repairs when we sleep at night and it is important to use a product that helps rejuvenate your skin's youth and detoxifies cells at night. With its 10 patents (FR), this major anti-aging innovation is tailored for all skin types and all ages. 
I have read reviews of this product online, and the ladies love this too! Most of them rate this variant 5 stars and most say that their skin is really smooths and soft, brightens their faces every morning and they that are hooked on this product! 

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It smells luxurious and my skin truly feels plump, hydrated, and smooth when I wake up in the morning. But I do not stop my night skincare regime here! I also use First Wrinkle Cream Nirvanesque® Enrichie - Dry Skin which is the richer version of the one I use in the day. For those who have drier skin, can consider using just this variant for both day and night!

I prefer to use the richer version at night because as mentioned earlier, night is where the skin repairs while we sleep for 8 hours and a more hydrating cream would be great!
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I like to put 5 drops on my face and slowly pat the cream in! 
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Step 3: Nirvanesque® wrinkle eye cream (Same as Day's application)
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Similarly, I put a few drops around my eye area and slowly pat the eye cream in. Always remember my Mom telling me that the eye area is one of the first to betray the signs of aging, so it is important to never forget to take care of the eye area. First wrinkle eye cream Nirvanesque is raved to have natural Botox-like effect, with the ability to visibly smooth out the skin and brighten the eyes day after day! It has been working well for me, I can't wait for better results in time to come as I use this religiously, day and night!
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