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Balance and Backbend Workshop with Pure Yoga

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Basically spent the weekend at Pure Yoga Asia Square for Monica's Balance and Backbend workshop. Thankful for Christine who joined me for class, we had a lot of fun cause the workshop was intimate.
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We had a lot of attention from the teacher and she could correct us one by one. The workshop was based on Hot 26 (Bikram Yoga) series so Monica broke down the postures and over the 2 days, we went through every posture one by one.
On the first day, it was the standing series where it was mainly balancing postures. I never knew how much effort I should put in the postures. Some of them, I thought were easy but they weren't. I haven't been doing them properly with the right effort.
On the second day, we covered the floor series where backbend came in. I am weakest at backbends and so I am determined to work hard on them. I volunteered as much as I can so I get more chances to practice. I learnt from my previous teacher, Sandeep, he told me to do more of what I hate. Only then, I would grow. Doing just that.
And if you noticed, Christine and I were in the same colors every single day for the 3 days we met!! :X
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Ending the post with 2 pictures taken by my Mom! She takes most of my OOTD pictures now, she's really good at it! :D
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