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Wedding preparations with Bridestory

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As you may already know, we are preparing for our 2017 wedding and wedding planning isn't the easiest! I am thankful that in this technology savvy world, we can get great lot of help online, from friends or even people we haven't met. One of the smartest invention got to be this wedding portal, BridestoryBridestory is not new to me, I am sure they are familiar to you as well!

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Established in April 2014, Bridestory has grown into an inspiring and resourceful online global wedding marketplace that connects engaged couples with wedding professionals around the world.
With more than 500,000 users visiting its site every month, Bridestory has become the leading wedding marketplace in Southeast Asia. In addition, Bridestory also owns one of the world’s largest wedding Instagram network, reaching out to more than 2.6 million people globally with daily wedding inspirations!
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Bridestory is available on desktop website as well as mobile app on both App Store and Play Store, ensuring that there is a platform which you are most comfortable with!
If you are clueless and not the most creative girl like me, you can actually check out vendors' works, and pinned them to creates your personal moodboard, namely Inspiration Board!
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So before I started browsing the app, I went into my Profile and clicked into Account Settings where there's a Wedding Details tab that allows me to key in my wedding details like wedding date, country, wedding size and budget!
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And I started browsing!! I didn't know where to start because there were so much to see!
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Thousands of vendors can be easily found and one of my favorite feature is that Bridestory can be filtered inspirations and vendors based on categories, cities and even your budgets category! Very organized portal where I find joy and ease surfing! In fact, I have been looking through for inspirations the last 2 weeks while on my way to work (I take almost an hour to travel to work every day!)
These are just a handful of the many categories on the app! Photography, Dress & Attire, Hair & Make up, Venue, Bridal, Videography, Catering, Honeymoon and many more!
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I clicked into Flowers Category and Fiona Threadwell was one of the vendors that caught my eye! The name is catchy, the profile picture is pretty! When I clicked in, the profile even has their projects! These gives me an idea of how I can do my wedding and also the styles that this vendor can offer!
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I could share more of what I shortlisted but then again, the post will be never-ending! So please go browse the app yourself!
The next tab is every bride's favorite tab, for we need to search for that perfect wedding gown!
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Regardless whether you are intending to find a wedding gown designer or just want to browse for some gown inspirations,Bridestory has aplenty of gowns vendors for you to be inspired by!
Here's 2 that I really like, 1 of them is Glamourosa Couture in Dubai and the other, Truly Enamoured made available right here in Singapore!
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Oh I love this intricate laced sleeved gown that I could really consider for church! With this app, you don't need to keep taking screenshots of what you like because all you have to do is click the + icon which is at the top right corner of the image, and it goes right into your Inspiration Board tab where you can easier refer back! Here's how I save it into my Inspiration Board, I am even able to categorize which board it goes into!
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Another useful feature in Bridestory is The Style: Weddings Blog and Real Weddings where we can get inspired by other couples’ and famous people’s wedding and engagement story. On top of that, you can also read about relationship tips by Bridestory editorial team.
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So much fun isn't it? You can really spend hours on this app and lose track of time!
Look who's surfing too cause it's so neatly categorized and there are stuff for men too! You know how men are usually more impatient with cluttered apps, they would just close the page if it is too tiresome to navigate around!
It is actually not the website or app that I first noticed BridestoryIt was actually Instagram, where @thebridestory regularly appear on my Explore page!
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Bridestory is really huge on Instagram and they have 4 accounts:
1) @thebridestory (500k+)
Mostly features the latest decoration trend, celebrities wedding photos, pre-wedding ideas, as well as top & rising vendors in Indonesia and South East Asia.
2) @thebridebestfriend (260k+)
Mostly features Indonesian traditional wedding outfit, makeup, and decoration inspiration.
3) @weddingdream (1.1M+)
Features wedding trends from all around the world!
4) @thewedlist (821k+)
Features wedding trends from all around the world!
Head over to your Instagram account to follow these pages if you are big on Instagram like I am too!
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For further information, visit! All bride-to-be can simply register as a user on the mobile apps and website to enjoy all of these features for free! Have fun, fellow bride-to-be!! (:

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