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TTX Beijing

Was in Beijing for a conference just last month. First time in Beijing so was really excited, especially after seeing the agenda planned by our mar comms team! There were Great Wall and Gala Dinner at Forbidden City!

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All comfy for the flight in Hollyhoque!
The air in Beijing is really bad and traffic too, places that were just 10 minutes away needed at least 45 minutes to get there sometimes!
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After check in, headed to the cafe opposite to get waffles with my client! We were famished and it was another 1.5 hours to dinner and we couldn't wait haha!
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Welcome Dinner at JW Mariott! We had old Beiijing themed dinner with food stalls reminiscent of the Beijing Food Steet served Chinese delicacies such as Beijing roast duck, Chinese pancakes, and a variety of dumplings!
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Singapore team!
Second day was full conference day! My outfit from Wheres Cinderella
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Changed for dinner at Quanjude 全聚德, a Chinese restaurant known for its trademark Quanjude Peking Roast Duck, and its longstanding culinary heritage since its establishment in 1864 in Beijing, China!
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No idea how many courses was this! We had a lot of food!
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Never had this vegetables before, never adventurous with my food but no choice cause my clients urged me to! Glad I did! Super crunchy and juicy!
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What everyone was waiting for! The famous Beijing Duck! But got to say, I still prefer the ones in Singapore cause its more crispy! :X
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Ending with a group picture with the Singapore team! (:
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