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Jumbo Grill

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Spent last Sunday at Jumbo Grill with my family! My friend just started this place and they serve skewers in yummy flavors; yakitori, korean gochujang and szechuan! Let the pictures tell you how good they are by themselves!!
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The shop looks really good for pictures so after we placed our order, we took quite a bit of photos while we waited for our skewers to be freshly grilled!
Hi Love! Thank you for being patient and taking photos with me though you (most of the times) do not want to take photos! :D
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With Zonia who was in very pretty pastel colors that afternoon!
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Food came about 20 minutes later because of the longer preparation time required! This proves that the food are all served freshly grilled! I love love the wares used at Jumbo Grill, super photo friendly!
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We ordered a little of everything, there were...

  1. Prawn Red Leg
  2. Shiitake mushrooms
  3. Pork Ribeye
  4. Chicken Mid Joins
  5. Satay Pork Ribeye
  6. Pork Belly
  7. Shish Beef Kebab
  8. Bacon wrapped with cherry tomatoes
  9. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
  10. Eggplant
  11. Italian and swiss cheese sausages
As mentioned, there are different flavors to their skewers and we wanted to try a little of everything so we left it to the chef for the marination!
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The Eggplant in Korean Gochjang and Szechuan!
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Prawn red leg in Korean Gochjang and Szechuan
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Thai Chicken thighs!
 photo FullSizeRender 23.jpgItalian and swiss cheese sausages
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We ended lunch with 2 thai milk tea and 2 Stewart's coolers!
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We had the orange and cream and Key Lime flavored ones!
These drinks were nostalgic to Alvin and my parents cause they drink them when they were younger. It tastes like the lime with vanilla ice cream that Zonia and I always buy!
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Definitely going back for the thai milk tea which cost only $3 for a huge cup and the skewers of course! The boss prepares the thai milk tea himself so each day, they only prepare 90 cups! It was a little too sweet for me but easily one of the best we had, it's really rich and flavorful. 
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Jumbo Grill not only prepare the marinations, they also prepare their own sauces like the peanut satay sauce and thai chilli! The satay sauce is really good and different! You have to order it when you are there!! You can choose to get 1 skewer or set of 3. The price range from $2.00 to $2.90/ stick. Set of 3 are from $5.00 to $14.90 for 3 sticks! Most of the sticks are at about $2.50/ stick

If you like grills and stewart's too, you can flash this post + Like and share Jumbo Grill facebook page to get a bucket of 5 for FREE with min. $50 spent!

42 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209370
Tel: 9889 4802
Opening Hours: 11AM–10PM

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