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Danone Greek Style Yoghurt

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I go for morning yoga classes very frequently and I require a lot of energy for all the vinyasa practices. The classes are strong, I cannot go to practice with an empty stomach yet cannot take too full a meal.
Thankful for these Danone Greek Style Yoghurt. I always prefer to buy my yoghurt in smaller servings to remain its freshness till the moment I lift the wrapper! These style yoghurts come in the perfect serving size, of 125g each!
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Danone  is a French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris. It has four business lines: Fresh Dairy products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. Founded in the 1970’s, Danone  is now a world agrifood leader in each of its four sectors; and did you know that by volume Danone  is #1 worldwide in fresh dairy products!!
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Danone  Greek Style Yoghurt taste really good! They come in 5 different flavored flavors! Strawberry, Blueberry, Black Cherry, Honey, Raspberry and White Chocolate. These Danone  Greek Style Yoghurt comes in packs of 4 and each bowl is 125g!
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Quick Honey-flavored yoghurt for breakfast before I go for my morning workout! In fact, I have been having a bowl every morning since Danone  sent me a generous huge parcel!
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So good and and creamy but best of all, I don't have to feel sinful!

Stocked up the fridge with so much of these Danone  Greek Yoghurt bowls for the family!
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On some nights where I feel exceptionally greedy, I will reach for a Danone  as my night snack instead of a packet of unhealthy chips! This was taken on an evening on my couch, in front of my television!
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This is the Blueberry pack! I wouldn't want to call it blueberry flavored because it is real!! It has so many blueberries in it! I had at least 1 blueberry in every spoon!

It is already so good on its own but did you know that you can create some fun recipes with these yoghurts too? I love ice cream especially after a heated yoga practice or a long day out around humid Singapore. But we all know how fattening and unhealthy ice cream can be. How about creating some healthy, tasty ones at the comfort of your own home?

All you need for 4 popsicles!
1) 2 Danone  Greek Yoghurt bowls (Blueberry)
2) Cornflakes
3) 1 banana
4) Popsicle molds
5) Coconut water (optional)
6) Blender (optional)

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Can you see the bits of cornflakes? After adding in the blueberry yoghurt in, I added in just a few pieces of cornflakes and sliced banana.

Tip: Put the banana slices at the sides so when you release it from the mold, it will come out pretty! :D
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You will have to fill the yoghurt to the brim before you cover it up with the stick!
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If you prefer your popsicles less creamy, you can make it through a smoothie! Instead of using water, I used coconut water!
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Inside the blender were:
1) 1 Danone  yoghurt (strawberry)
2) 50ml of coconut water
3) ½ banana
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Put it into your freezer and leave it overnight!!

I always prepare my popsicles at night. So they will be all ready to be savoured after my workout!
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It is so easy to create! Have fun creating your own recipes too! That's not all! Danone is holding a photo contest on Instagram and 1 of you will be able to win a 2D1N staycation at The Sofitel Singapore Sentosa! That is definitely 1 of my favorite hotels in Singapore!! Also, top 10 winners will be awarded with a special prize! All you need to do is to post a picture with your favorite yoghurt (any brand!) and remember to #CreateWithDanone for us them! Good luck!

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Thank you, Danone  !
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