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Flea at Anchorpoint!

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I live in Alexandra and Anchorpoint is just 3 minutes drive from my home. We go there at least once a week for dinner and some grocery shopping at the Cold Storage at the basement!

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Anchorpoint for dinner is always a good idea because IKEA is just opposite so Zonia will always cross the bridge for a $1 ice cream cone!
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If you do not live around Alexandra, you may not know that Anchorpoint offers an exciting range of eateries and restaurants, retail shopping and boutique outlets and they have a variety of outlet stores where you can get good quality at affordable prices! Anchorpoint was even awarded the Singapore Service Class Award (2012 – 2015) by Spring Singapore!
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Huge Cold Storage store!

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There is even TYPO Outlet!!! You can get all those decorations for your room, pretty cards and stationeries at a great affordable price!

Besides good buys, there are a lot of restaurants there as well! Such as TCC, Jack's Place, Ma Maison and our favorite Xin Wang!

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The TCC there is very pretty, if you didn't know! The set up makes me feel like I am in Paris!

We always eat at Xin Wang when we are there!

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Cause free wifi at Xin Wang lol!
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After lunch, it's the Japanese supermarket, Fish Mart Sakuraya, to see some fresh sashimi and to buy some snacks that are on offer!!
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Always find good hunts at Anchorpoint, to top it up, there will be a flea at Anchorpoint this weekend!! My sister, Zonia and I will be there to sell our stuff!

Here's a sneak peak of what we are selling!!

Basically, you can expect a lot of casual dresses, tops, work dresses, some bags, maybe shoes for sale! The clothes will be in UK 6, 8, 10 so definitely something worth your trip down!!

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Work dresses...
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Weekend wears...
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Casual day tops!
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More casuals like this 2 piece set
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Evening dresses like a black maxi which can never go wrong!
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More work dresses
 photo FullSizeRender 16_8.jpg
More dresses you can wear for date nights or weddings!
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I have so many versatile tops like this which I wear on weekdays with a pencil skirt and skorts on weekends!
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So much more to sell that I can't even continue sharing pictures or else this post will never end...
We will be clearing our bags and bags of clothes at no more than S$10!! We hope to see you there! x

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Lagun-Sari said...

You really have a lot of adventures, and it see fun to see all of your travels in different places. :)

Mindy said...

Hey Zoe,

Where did you get your demin dress in the first picture? It's nice!

Thank you!


Hi Mindy! It's from the fitting loft! Check out my Instagram zoeraymondtan for the promo code of $3 off!