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How I spent 1st January 2016!

1st January 2016 at 5am!

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Started the first day of the new year with a picture with my family! Zonia and I were sending our parents off for their NY's trip! It was my parents' second trip away without both of their daughters. The last that they travelled without us was when I was 3! My mom would make sure the family travels together once every year and no matter how young we were previously, how much we may waste the air tickets cause we probably forget most of the journey, she would still bring us along. Love you, Daddy and Mommy!

P/S: Daddy, Zonia and I coincidentally tie our jackets the same way! 果然是父女!

Second photo of the new year was with these 2 favorite people!

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Zonia and I went to pick our grandparents after we went home to snooze for 2 hours after sending our parents off for their trip! So New year's lunch with our grandparents! It was their 54th Wedding Anniversary on 31st December! Wishing Ah Gong and Ah Ma the best of health this 2016 and Ah Gong to recover soon so he can eat all his favorite solid food!

Ended the new year with this one who has been sick for the past few days. Thank you for all your patience towards me and let's have a better 2016 together, love!

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