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KFIT, One-stop Fitness Portal

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When I was first introduced to KFIT, I was really impressed by what they can offer. A highly popular fitness-sharing platform in Asia Pacific, KFIT is now in Singapore and is revolutionizing the way people approach fitness!

I am a currently Pure Yoga member and therefore, I am only entitled to yoga classes. A KFIT membership allows members access to hundreds of fitness studios, gyms and facilities. This means that on days where I would like to be adventurous, I can try new activities at different studios every day! The locations offerings are wide, making it easier and fun to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle! I have always wanted to try Pole dancing, this is definitely the chance to pay a dance school a visit through KFIT!

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It is very easy to get started on KFIT as well! Download the KFIT app via App Store or Play Store, register, reserve your favorite class and attend!

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I personally enjoy searching for classes via the location search, I click on map and zoom into the most convenient location for me to view all participating fitness outlets!

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Check this map out, that is how many locations are participating in KFIT! There's definitely 1 just near you!

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Another easy way to search for classes would be via schedule! Click on the hovering blue button and it allows you to narrow down your search through which activities you are looking at, the location be it City, North, South, East, West or your availability through the time range scroll!

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My KFIT account! 

I could easily book myself a slot at True Fitness at Chevron House! I go to the gym, change into my gym attire and I was ready to sweat!

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And look who came to join me! My sister!! (:

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After a warm up run on the treadmill, I went to work the core and some squats with the exercise ball while Zonia used the gym equipment!

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Trying to shed the fats at my hips!! That's definitely the hardest to lose! 

Zonia's the best person to visit a gym with cause she's familiar with the equipment and guided me on how to use some of them like this assisted pull up equipment! With KFIT, you can go for classes or gyms with my friends! It's so much more fun to have company!

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Excited to get started?! KFIT  Enter to get $39 for your first month (RRP: $49) & subsequent months will be at $99 per month! Let's work towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle! 

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