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So Zonia came up with this hashtag on Instagram where we have been using it for awhile. Besides the recent Kimpab and Stir-fried garlic prawns and scallops noodles, here's just a compilation posts of some of the food/ fruits we have prepared for ourselves on days we want to eat clean!

 photo Photo 4-5-15 6 46 21 pm.jpg
Favorite agilo oilo with minced beef, onions and crispy garlic chips!

Zonia, we need to have this again soon!!

 photo Photo 25-3-15 7 10 03 pm.jpg
The oozing egg

 photo Photo 24-3-15 7 52 25 pm.jpg
Salad again x

 photo Photo 6-4-15 12 38 46 pm.jpg
Avocado with lemon and soy sauce makes the best combi!

 photo Photo 6-4-15 12 39 51 pm_1.jpg

 photo Photo 23-3-15 6 46 52 pm.jpg
Prawn agilo oilo with crispy garlic chips!

 photo Photo 22-3-15 6 51 51 pm.jpg
Abalone porridge with carrots

 photo Photo 16-3-15 6 38 51 pm.jpg
Veggies meal with my daily fruit intake!

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