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“A Funpack from Me to You” Project!

Due to work commitments, I was unable to join the nuffnang committee for NDP 2015 preparation events! One of them was the packing of the NDP Funpack! That sounds like so much fun, doesn't it!!

Photo 9-6-15 6 48 32 pm

Photo 9-6-15 8 45 12 pm


You would have also balloted for your NDP tickets, for those who did not get your hands on the tickets, please don't be too disappointed! Because the NDP Executive Committee is working with the People’s Association to distribute a total of 1.2 million SG Funpacks! Besides Spectators at the Padang and Floating Platform, every Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) household will receive!

The funpacks comes in this tote shape and this is just 1 of the 50 different designs available! Each designed by Singaporeans from all walks of life, some of the talented designers are as young as 6! Really impressive to see how they put their creativity juice to play for us!

Photo 9-6-15 6 49 38 pm

To commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the funpacks will comprise items reminiscent of our early years, such as the capteh and snacks like haw flakes and erasers which I used to collect in primary school!!

Photo 9-6-15 6 55 38 pm

Photo 9-6-15 6 55 24 pm

See the SKM Singa Lion at the corner? (:

To celebrate our unique Singaporean identity, a commemorative figurine of the Singa Lion will be included in every Funpack! The Singa Lion was chosen as an icon of kindness and graciousness that Singaporeans have grown up with. 


There are a total of 15 different designs and the full set of Singa figurines can be purchased at The Kindness Gallery (140 Hill Street #01- 09 Singapore 179369) from July onwards. They will available for sale individually as well as in a collector’s box set. The proceeds of the sale will go to the Singapore Kindness Movement’s Seed Kindness Fund! 

Photo 9-6-15 6 55 00 pm

Last but not least, let's all play a part in writing a Birthday Wish for Singapore” postcard for Singapore! Aside from all Primary 5 students, we are all invited to draw, doodle or pen down what they are thankful to Singapore for as well as well-wishes for Singapore! Collected cards will then be used by students from the National University of Singapore to build a birthday cake float structure that will be displayed at the Marina Bay area during the Jubilee Weekend! 

The NDP 2015 Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the collection of NDP tickets at Marina Square’s central atrium, 5-14 Jun 2015, 10am to 10pm! Hope to see you there too! (:


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