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Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water

Photo 9-5-15 11 36 30 pm

I am always proud to be a Singaporean and though just a little red dot, we have our very own established local brands too! One of them is our home-grown and established brand, Bio-essence! I have seen Bio-essence on the shelves when I travel, Bio-essence has expanded from our local market and now a global market player!

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Together with my fellow Nuffnang and blogging community friends, we attended the Miracle Bio Water private launch just last week! And I left the event feeling really rewarded! We had a lot of fun learning more about Miracle Bio Water's 20 efficacies for face, hair, body and how it is uniquely low in salt which in turn aids in maximum hydration. It is also dermatological tested suitable for sensitive skin! I've got some samples you can redeem here too!!

It was not purely words, we were all given a MBW bottle and some instruments to do a test!

Photo 8-5-15 8 50 49 pm

Using the moisture monitor and infrared thermometer, we took our readings before and after application of Miracle Bio Water!

Check out my readings, moisture was almost doubled and temperature halved! It is true when they say Miracle Bio Water infuses skin with moisture and power hydration, resulting in instant cooling!

Photo 8-5-15 4 15 05 pm
The blotter was significantly less oily too!!

After the test, we were treated to some tea snacks before our next activity! Yummy! We all had 2 rounds :P

Photo 8-5-15 3 42 37 pm

We were next asked to design our own bottle with these materials.

Photo 8-5-15 4 16 36 pm

Photo 8-5-15 2 54 33 pm

Photo 8-5-15 4 43 11 pm

As I'm more of a girly kinda girl so I used pearls, flowers and matchy blue jewels for my bottle! Here's a picture of me with my personalized Miracle Bio Water bottle!

Photo 8-5-15 4 45 28 pm

Photo 8-5-15 4 41 09 pm

Photo 8-5-15 4 42 46 pm
Close up shots!

Photo 8-5-15 4 41 48 pm

Photo 8-5-15 4 47 19 pm

You can take a look at the masterpieces of the other fellow bloggers here and place a vote for your favorite bottle!

So Miracle Bio Water is suitable for daily use, in any situation and on-the-go too!

Photo 9-5-15 4 46 48 pm
New improved spray with finer spray experience!

Besides the above 300ml, it also comes in 100ml, allowing me the option to bring the compact size bottle for yoga!

Photo 9-5-15 4 42 35 pm

Besides bottles of our star product for the launch, I also bagged home a full range of Miracle Bio Water products which included the jelly makeup remover, Soap free cleansing Gel, Foamy Cleanser, Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+!

If you are keen to give Miracle Bio Water a try too, hop onto MBW Facebook app now to redeem samples!! Remember to use #myrightmiracle so we can share this wonderful product around! Meanwhile, you can also visit your nearest Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Ntuc Fairprice, Departmental stores (CK, OG. John Little. etc ) to get your hands on Miracle Bio Water today!

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