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Sponsored Post: The Closest You’ll Get To Authentic Japanese Teapot-Brewed Tea

Photo 10-3-15 10 57 34 pm

I personally enjoy Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese green tea especially so when I'm dining. If it's available, I would always order it because I prefer unsweetened drinks. Besides the no sugar no calories factor, I love that it tastes closest to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea! 

Picture taken at a dinner which i posted on Instagram at Japanese restaurant just awhile ago! 

Photo 5-2-15 9 47 35 pm
Enjoying my drink!! 

Photo 10-3-15 10 58 34 pm

Photo 10-3-15 10 58 01 pm

Besides having Ayataka while dining, I enjoy it with light snacks like these sour plums! These plums bring out the refreshing-ness of Ayataka! 

Ayataka Japanese Green Tea is brewed with specially selected tea leaves and besides being sugar and calorie free, it contains no preservatives! If you gently swirl the bottle, you would be able to see the cloudiness from matcha powder!

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 29 am
You can see that I like it chilled!  

My family enjoys it too, here's the 1.5litres bottle of Ayataka which my Mom bought!

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 18 am

I am also happy to share that in 2013, at a taste test conducted in Kyoto, Japan with 100 maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha), Ayataka emerged as the closest to authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea!! How great is that? (:

Show us how you best enjoy the authentic taste of Ayataka and stand to win a 5D/4N trip to Japan! $100 vouchers to Yoshinoya will also be given out to a chosen entry each week! Find out more here:

Photo 28-2-15 12 32 10 pm

I enjoy Ayataka during my quiet me-time with some plums 

Photo 11-3-15 8 34 27 am
I enjoy a bottle of chilled Ayataka on the go, especially so in Singapore's humid weather!!

Photo 11-3-15 8 34 02 am

I enjoy Atataka even when I go for yoga! 

Simply share a photo of how you best enjoy the authentic taste of Ayataka on either the comments section of the contest post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Hashtag #ayatakateapot and tag a friend! Do remember to set your account to “public” so we can see your entries!

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 26 am

Photo 11-3-15 7 55 23 am

Contest ends 25 April 2015! So Motto hayaku (faster)!!

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