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Travel Made Different in Kyoto

Photo 19-6-14 12 33 28 pm

Besides the usual shopping and sightseeing activities when I travel, we decided to do something different when we visited Japan just a few months back!

We left the bustling city and embraced nature at Ohara, a rural town nestled in the mountains of northern Kyoto!

Photo 19-6-14 12 32 42 pm

Here we were, after a 40 minute bus ride! (:
Everywhere was photo worthy!

Photo 19-6-14 12 34 35 pm
My cousin, Yuxin! 

Photo 19-6-14 2 18 49 pm

We enrolled ourselves for a vegetable dyeing workshop and after a detailed lecture, we had a hands-on experience in dyeing our own fabrics!

So this was what greeted us at Ohara Kobo! A house full of beautifully-dyed sashes and shawls!!

7 (4)

Sensei Weda first went through with us on the basics of dyeing and what plants and materials are used to create the colors! And did you know that all 3 primary colors were achieved using plants! Let me share some fun-facts with you in the next few photos!! (:

7 (5)

Did you know that red roots were where we can get red colored dye? 

7 (14)

And it's from the Indigo plant that we get the blues! Notice the dried blue leaves? Most leaves turn brown when dried, but indigo leaves remained blue in color!! 

7 (6)
Indigo dye began with green!

7 (12a)
My very arty Gugu Julie and Cousin, Yuxin!

Yuxin and I rinsing and soaking the fabrics in boiling hot dye over and over again!

7 (7)
The green color dye eventually turned into blue upon contact with air. Tie-dye time!!

Yuxin is so good at this!! Look at her masterpiece of tie-dye after we were done with the rinsing and soaking!! 

7 (11)

And here were our creations which we left out in the sun to dry!!

Photo 19-6-14 1 55 10 pm
 We made 3 sashes to take home with us!

Photo 19-6-14 1 51 56 pm
Our sashes against the beautiful scenery of Ohara


We took a photo with Sensei Weda before we left Ohara to head back to Shijo-dori! I have always visited bustling cities but I haven't visited anywhere like Ohara which was such a beautiful tranquil rural village.

I have done a lot of sightseeing, shopping and cafe-hopping, but I have never done any hands on activities like tie-dyeing and to do it from scratch. It was really a great experience to be able to do something out of the ordinary. Being able to visit a home in Ohara, spending half a day there like a local. 

Thank you for the Travel Made Different experience, Ohara! Thank for giving us this special moment that is out of the ordinary.

Photo 19-6-14 12 38 43 pm

I'm sure you would have your own special moments that are out of the ordinary while you're travelling too! These special experiences that make your trip uniquely different from everyone else's!

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Have fun and good luck! (;

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