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Touring Abu Dhabi!

Photo 16-10-14 11 35 47 am

Started the morning with a selfie! :X 

Photo 16-10-14 3 20 46 pm

We could choose between Golfing, Shopping or Sightseeing for the third day in Abu Dhabi. Most of us opt for sightseeing and the first stop was Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Grand Mosque! The mosque was really strict so the ladies have to be fully dressed up, that is long sleeves till the wrists and ankles and scarf over the head. A few ladies couldn't get in cause their sleeves were 3/4!! It was really hot that morning, almost killed us being wrapped up.

Photo 16-10-14 3 02 28 pm

So how do I look? Most of them say I look like a Malay lady hehe! :D 

Photo 16-10-14 3 02 28 pm (1)

Took so many pictures of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Grand Mosque, here goes! (:

Photo 16-10-14 5 57 52 pm

Photo 16-10-14 5 50 36 pm
With my GM, Anna and AIPL ladies! (:

Photo 16-10-14 5 50 27 pm

Photo 16-10-14 5 57 40 pm

Photo 16-10-14 5 56 57 pm

Photo 16-10-14 5 56 27 pm
With Francis and Desmond!

Photo 16-10-14 5 56 03 pm
With Francis and Sui Hunn!

Photo 16-10-14 5 54 33 pm

Photo 16-10-14 6 03 50 pm

Photo 16-10-14 6 04 45 pm

Photo 16-10-14 6 04 30 pm

Photo 16-10-14 6 19 05 pm

Photo 16-10-14 3 02 28 pm (2)

Photo 16-10-14 6 07 58 pm

Next stop was Heritage Village where there was a beautiful beach and a row of shops that sold mainly shawls, leather goods and souvenirs! 


Moved on to lunch which was nearby at Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi! We probably covered all the hotels there were in Abu Dhabi! And we visited Ferrari World which was a tad disappointing. 


A lot of rides were down and the rides that were available were no kick at all. The place was so big and empty, so we really didn't enjoy ourselves. Spent about S$40+ on a Ferrari Cap for Daddy, and that's about all. 


Went back to the hotel after 2 hours to prepare for Gala Dinner Awards Ceremony at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. Our last dinner in Abu Dhabi! 

Jumpsuit which is upcoming on Hollyhoque!! (:

Photo 16-10-14 10 05 58 pm

Photo 16-10-14 10 05 09 pm

Dinner was outdoor so it was pretty warm and I didn't take too many photos! Awaiting the photos from the official photographers! My biggest client, BCD Travel was awarded Top 3 for Singapore but the boss wasn't able to make it and I had to accept the trophy on stage on their behalf :X

Photo 16-10-14 10 34 52 pm

Dinner ended with a beautiful dessert with a sugar Abacus Logo! 


We didn't continue with round 2 that evening and all went back to hit the sack early for our morning flight back to Singapore! It truly was a great experience to have visited Abu Dhabi! (: 

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Tysh said...

I'm so jealous of you *.* they have a very beautiful patrimony. I study tourism, so that must be heaven for me