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Florence 2014

Florence was a short stopover for us, just for a night. Emile brought us to his favorite spot in Florence which was sooo beautiful!!

This is Piazzale Michelangeo! (:



Photo 11-5-14 10 16 02 am
My lovely family with a magnificent view

Photo 11-5-14 10 15 36 am

We went to The Mall for some shopping during our free and easy time. We have heard so much about The Mall, we just had to be there with whatever time we had. So when we had 3 hours of free and easy, we took the shuttle bus over and shopped for only half an hour and took the bus back to meet up with the group. 

Photo 11-5-14 12 50 09 am

Zonia and I with our shopping loots from Florence! Emile treated us gelato!!! It was one of the more popular joints in the area so we were in for a treat, 2 scoops each for us! :D


We got 8 different flavors to share! (:


Everyone's enjoying their gelato! (:

And after a long day, we were back at the hotel. This was our charging point for the whole trip. Cause we had to charge so many phones, portable chargers, cameras... It was too heavy to hold them all, we had to improvize. 


We used chairs, tables to hold the extension but this was the most epic- a dustbin, so it deserved a shot. Nope, It didn't explode, phew!

We had an early night before waking up the next morning slightly earlier to tour the hotel. 

A shot from Daddy's and Mommy's balcony using self timer before breakfast!

Photo 11-5-14 5 33 44 pm
In my 1 pound knit top from Primark! :P

How beautiful is this?!!?

Photo 11-5-14 2 36 48 pm

Photo 11-5-14 2 35 53 pm

And that was Florence. Definitely going back for more shopping! We got so many cheap loots! Zonia and I got a Miu Miu bag for just S$700? A Miu Miu wallet each for about S$400 and we also got a wallet for our Ah Ma at about the same price!! 

Next up,  Lucerne, Switzerland. Second last leg for our Europe tour. ):

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