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THE WEJS @ Medici Cafe.

Finally had dinner at THE WEJS last weekend! It's opened by a friend, Suyi, whom I have known since I was doing events, that is almost 5 years back! THE WEJS is the only place in Singapore that serves Authentic Tunisian Food and a number unique fuzionize food that can be hardly found in Singapore!

Photo 24-8-14 6 21 26 pm
With my sissy!! (:

Really love this place. It's alfresco-dining style and extra close to nature! (: 

Photo 24-8-14 6 19 40 pm

Photo 24-8-14 6 19 12 pm

Photo 24-8-14 6 17 19 pm

Had their popular juice, Apple + Yakult! :P 
And while waiting for our food to be prepared, I went around taking more photos while it was still bright! (: 

Photo 24-8-14 6 16 11 pm

Photo 24-8-14 6 16 01 pm

Photo 24-8-14 6 15 38 pm

Photo 24-8-14 6 20 42 pm
the child in me squeezing my way into the playhouse! :P

We were there on a Sunday so it wasn't packed so we didn't have to wait too long for our food! Perfect cause we were hungry after a long day!! 

Photo 24-8-14 6 28 19 pm

Let me introduce the dishes to you one by one! (: Starting off with THE WEJS's signature! 

Photo 24-8-14 6 29 51 pm


Brik is a traditional Tunisian dish consisting of warka pastry (commonly knows as the Spring Roll Skin) stuffed with yummy fillings. It is deep fried on the spot to be crispy and fresh! However, THE WEJS make sure that they drain as much oil away as tthtey can to keep it healthy. THE WEJS is the first and only place in Singapore that you can try Authentic Tunisian Brik made of passed down recipes.

Photo 24-8-14 6 30 37 pm
Only completed after squeezing some lemon juice into the brik! 

Photo 24-8-14 6 31 22 pm

Hmmm Hummus

Traditional middle eastern mashed chickpeas served with bread or tortilla wrap. It's my first time trying something like this but I love chickpeas cause of it's various health benefits!

Photo 24-8-14 6 41 17 pm

"The Real" Chakchouka
If you love tomatoes and eggs, you will love this dish to the moon and back. Serve with choice of bread, couscous or wraps! We cleared the bowl clean!! :D

Photo 24-8-14 6 36 19 pm

Mamamia Quesadilla

Get your hands busy with this dish. Mexican style stir fry beef with mango salsa. Comes with 8 pieces of wrap. The beef is really tender and the salsa refreshingly completes the wrap!

Photo 24-8-14 6 56 56 pm

Oceania Paradise

Prawns and diced chicken with baked with rice cooked in tangy tomato and paprika spices. This was the boys' favorite dish of all cause they are both big fans of seafood! The seafood used is fresh, every mouthful was goodness.

I usually don't eat desserts but when I saw churros on the menu, I knew I had to save some space for them!

Photo 24-8-14 7 22 14 pm
Happy girl! :D

Photo 24-8-14 7 21 32 pm
Zonia loves churros very much!!

Photo 24-8-14 7 20 56 pm

Suyi freshly bakes these churros in her kitchen, so expect nothing less than a box of piping hot, soft churros with vanilla ice cream and nutella dip! (: 

For the month of August, flash my blog post or instagram post to be entitled for a 10% discount off any main course!

For the month of September, it's complimentary churros for every main course ordered!

Photo 24-8-14 7 27 33 pm

Photo 24-8-14 7 25 34 pm

THE WEJS @ Medici Cafe (Rochester Park)
Rochester Park, 44 Rochester Park
Tel: 65 9767 2232 / +65 9061 8584
Opening Hours:
Tue - Sun: 17:00 - 00:00
Closed: Mon

If you are looking for a quiet place with great ambience, THE WEJS is also available for corporate events. Should you be are interested to be featured here, do drop an email to (:

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