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Amsterdam & Rhineland 2014

Photo 4-5-14 3 50 44 pm

Taken as we drove past the White Cliffs of Dover!! The White Cliffs of Dover are cliffs which form part of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France.  
Photo 4-5-14 3 50 21 pm
With Sissy!

Photo 4-5-14 3 49 32 pm

Photo 4-5-14 3 48 55 pm

Photo 4-5-14 3 47 26 pm
The family! (:

Photo 4-5-14 3 47 00 pm

We spent only a night each at The Netherlands and Germany at Amsterdam and Rhineland respectively. Wished we could have more time in Amsterdam. Sadly, we did not see the beautiful iconic yellow tulips as it wasn't the season as told by our trafalgar guide, Emile.

Amsterdam is beautiful.

Photo 5-5-14 12 52 12 am

Photo 5-5-14 12 48 47 am

Photo 5-5-14 12 48 21 am

Photo 5-5-14 12 39 14 am

Photo 26-6-14 11 30 09 am
Going aboard the canal cruise!

Photo 26-6-14 11 29 41 am

Photo 26-6-14 11 30 20 am
Pretty Mommy! (:

Photo 26-6-14 11 29 08 am
Loving parents! (:

Photo 26-6-14 11 29 52 am
The ladies of the family! (:

Photo 5-5-14 3 02 52 am
Pizza and Pasta for dinner!

These were the last few shots before we headed back to the hotel. We didn't have much time to go around besides the Canal Cruise. After all, the canal cruise is Holland's largest touristic attraction, with over 3 million visitors every year! 

Photo 5-5-14 3 11 09 am

Photo 5-5-14 3 08 58 am

Photo 5-5-14 3 04 12 am

Ending Amsterdam with my favorite picture. Love the colors of the buildings and the reflections on the waterbed. 

We move onto Munich, Germany the next morning! I remember how cold the morning was at about 10 degrees but I was clad in a super short skirt. I had to pull on my thermal leggings right after. Hahaha! 

Photo 5-5-14 1 43 32 pm

Our first stop was Cologne Cathedral. This sure is a grand church in Munich, Germany!! The cathedral is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and has the second-tallest spires!

Photo 26-6-14 11 29 30 am

Photo 26-6-14 11 30 53 am

Photo 26-6-14 11 30 37 am
Daddy's 3 ladies (:

Emile then brought us to a special spot to see this castle. The castle was quite a distance away so we had to zoom our cameras. But the view was spectacular. See this for yourselves!! (:

Photo 5-5-14 10 39 20 pm

Photo 5-5-14 10 31 00 pm
We looked at the castle from this tower (:

Photo 5-5-14 5 23 58 pm
Super yummy Stroopwafel c/o of Emile as we moved onto Rhineland!

A stroopwafel is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. They were first made in Gouda in the Netherlands! Glad we bought a packet back to Singapore! (: 

Going on-board the Rhine Cruise. No better way to look at Rhineland. 


Full eatery available!

On board the cruise, we saw many remarkable churches and castles! 




And every time we see a castle approaching, everyone lifts their cameras!!


Photo 5-5-14 10 51 24 pm

Photo 5-5-14 10 50 18 pm

And some act yi ge emo looking shots on the cruise hehee!

Photo 5-5-14 10 49 03 pm

Photo 5-5-14 10 45 26 pm

Photo 5-5-14 10 47 17 pm
and my sissy's turn too!

We ended the day back at the hotel for dinner. This was one of the few nights that dinner was provided in the Trafalgar package we took. Dinner was really not bad for this evening!!

Photo 6-5-14 1 39 58 am
Free flow of pork, carrot and mashed potatoes. There were other stuff too but I only had these.

The next morning, we were up at 7am again to head to Innsbruck, Austria. Which also happened to be Zonia's favorite of all the places we were to visit! 

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SIMONE said...

I am confused now O.o The Cologne Cathedral is in Cologne and not in Munich and the castle and the Rhine tour and such is all miles from Munich also. Were you acutally in Munich or just in the Rhine Valley and travelled from there to Austria :D ?